• Hey guys, long time no see. I've been bitten by the prose bug again, so I'm itching to do some housecleaning in that area... if I really hustle I might be able to get a page up for every prose work DC's licensed out up to 2012 or so...

    Now, from what I understand, the Books category is for in-story books like the Crime Bible or the Necronomicon (or the Question's copy of Watchmen), while the Novels category is for prose that DC has published in real life. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of stuff that should be going in the latter have gone into the former, probably put there by newbie editors who don't know better. I'd be perfectly happy editing them into the right places, except... apparently I can't remove categories from a page, only add them?

    Is this some kind of special mod privilege? And if so, could I ask one of you guys to help out?

    (On a more minor note - anyone think we should get rid of the Superman Novels category? I don't see much of a point to it when Superman's gonna be making ensemble and cameo appearances in a lot of more modern books.)

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    • Yes and yes. I'll get to it when I'm on a pc. And see Help:Category on how to remove categories

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    • Oh boy, I was afraid of something like this...

      Apparently, using the Books template in an article automatically slots it into the Books category, so I can't even remove it even when I go into the Visual Editor's Categories tab. So now we've got a nonfiction template stapled to a fictional category. Wonderful.

      This has gotten me thinking, actually... to reduce confusion and increase accuracy, we might rename the "novels" category "prose" - with subcategories novels (original stories), novelizations (adaptations/condensations of movie or comics storylines), and anthologies (collections of short stories). With the mods' permission, I'd love to make new templates for each.

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    • Nope. I'll see if I can change the template to Novels, but I don't think a further category structure is needed. Novelizations are novels too. Short story collections are novels too. Reference books aren't.

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