• Okay, so I've always found the line between these two a little thinner than I'd like, which has resulted in lots of undesirable redundancy. I understand why each category is needed - despite DC's best efforts, there are some multi-issue arcs (with clearly-marked part numbers and everything) that haven't yet been collected, and many collections binding together independent stories based on some intangible theme (e.g. Batman in the Fifties). At the same time, I think it'd be better for the wiki (and newbie readers) if there was as little overlap between them as possible; it'd make cataloging notes, trivia, and external links (especially interviews) simpler, for one thing.

    For instance - right now we have both Batman: Detective and Batman: Detective (Collected), even though there's no content in the former (which is pretty much 100% independent stories; heck, it's not even all-Dini written) that wouldn't fit in the latter. (Indeed, Private Casebook is part of the same run and it's only got a Collected page to its name.) Could I perhaps tag for them to be merged (or the storyline article to be deleted)?

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    • I 100% agree that they should be redirected. It is not helpful for readers to have the same information in two places.

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