• I think you went kind of overboard on the links in galleries. For example, do we really need to see also the Green Arrow’s Chili gallery from the Dark Knight Returns Ollie gallery? My personal opinion is that those links would be limited to probably only disambig and maybe a couple other places I’m not thinking of.

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    • On the one hand, it's definitely a decent amount of links. On the other, it's just a gallery, so it's not like it distracts from a bunch of text... Maybe a navbox situation that allows you to navigate them? Seems to me like for a page like a New Earth gallery, it's worth having links "horizontally" to other relevant New Earth topics (e.g. between Dinah Drake (New Earth)/Gallery and Justice League of America/Gallery) and "vertically" to different realities of the same character (e.g. Oliver Queen (Prime Earth)/Gallery) but links that are "diagonal" across them are lower value. In the case of galleries for things or concepts like his chili or the Arrowcar, those galleries themselves are for multiple realities. Does that make sense?

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