• This is my first time to using fandom community forums. So I may make a mistake, then plz notice to me. And I will recover my mistake.

    I cannot speak English well. So my reading comprehension is weak.

    At the batman confidential issue 21, Jim gordon's encoded notebook lose to riddler. Riddler used that code for his puzzle. Riddler said "He(Jim Gordon) is no ALAN TURING.", "A simple numerical transposition using a gotham street grid for reverse alphabet.", "You(batgirl) need a map to through this.", "Steps four wards take you back words if you don't think it through...?", "A cryptographer or crypt...your choice." to batgirl.

    And batgirl had short time for deduction. 1.Forwards "four wards" Backwards "back words" 2.Four wards--the lower Gotham District. 3.back words 4.he said my Dad's journal code followed a street grid. 5.twenty-six streets--reverse alphabet-- 6.but she need the key word for number 7."A cryptographer or crypt?" "He is no Alan Turing!" 8.T-u-r-i-n-g in reverse numerical order is 7-6-9-18-13-20.

    So I have a few qusetions.

    Q1: Do "Four Wards" means "four city wards"? Not "forth city ward"? How can she thought about "the lower Gotham District"?

    Q2: I have a rough idea of "back words". For example, HELLO changes to OLLEH. I think "the lower gotham district" has "twenty-six streets". And "twenty-six streets" means the number of alphabet. Then, she back twenty-six alphabet. Z, Y, W, X....It is correct??

    Q3: How can she thought about alan turing from "a cryptographer or crypt." I thought that maybe crpyt is cryptanalist. And alna turing is renowned for decoding Enigma Machine. Did riddler means that Jim is cryptographer, alan turing is cryptanalist??

    Q4: LAST QUESTION. Why batgirl use a last name of alan turing? Not first name, not whole name, just last name "turing."

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