• Hi all,

    I was wondering why we don't include a section for the solicit summaries of issues in the articles.

    It would be more work but it means that there will always be some form of summary, and the information is put out at least two months in advance so we could get ahead of ourselves. And then once the article is out, then we could add in the normal summary below.

    Has this been discussed before? I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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    • Yes, it has been discussed. A sollicit is not a summary, and having a placeholder in the synopsis section negates maintenance category creation.

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    • That's what I expected, would it be worth having a second section for just the solicit? Then that shouldn't prevent the triggering of the maintenance category.

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    • There is (used to be?) a separate parameter for that, but we don't really use it.

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