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    20:39, June 27, 2020

    And that's that. Religious freedom doesn't have anything to do with oppressing others or creating hate against them. Locking my posts because of your "disagreement" isn't going to change that. Thankfully you're not an admin who tolerates homophobia and never will be.

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    • You clearly didn’t read my post if you’ve had the gall to assault my wall with slander. My tolerance has limits and you are pushing them.

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    • I did read, it was you who started with "tolerance goes both ways". In your latest comment you are aware that the user will already be banned for spreading bigotry again, and that it's against guidelines. So if you are aware, why preach to me about tolerating someone spreading of hatred from a user? Next time you want to talk about slander, please don't tell me to tolerate something against your own guidelines. I normally won't try to pick a bone with any person, but when you're saying tolerate bigotry, that had to be an exception.

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    • Wait, your objection is to tolerance going both ways? Instead of just one way? Or what?
      More bluntly, what kind of "cancel-culture" bullshit is this? "user will already be banned for spreading bigotry again"
      What exactly did you come here today to accomplish? Stoop Davy Dave (talk) 15:00, June 27, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Arise Etrigan told me to tolerate someone being homophobic.

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    • So you showed him that intolerance is wrong by not tolerating his tolerance of intolerance, got it. And then you started lobbying to get his tolerance of intolerance banned, to show that you're clearly the most tolerant of all. Stoop Davy Dave (talk) 15:22, June 27, 2020 (UTC)

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    • I have not tried to get anything Arise Etrigan said banned, I have only confronted him about tolerating something objectionable and which he himself knows leads to a block.

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    • I've reviewed the thread.

      Outright, we do not tolerate homophobia. The user who posted the homophobic comment - I have no holdups saying I think they're pretty dumb and I don't personally want to work with them in any capacity. With that said, we also don't block people after one example of being dumb - nor two in this case.

      Things I'd like to draw attention to are:

      MatteJohnny, you're leading this crusade without much of a leg to stand on. In my opinion, your original post was mildly homophobic in its own right. Whether you intended to or not, it was what is known as a dog whistle, where a majority of the readers could conceive it as a post defending Alan Scott, there's a segment of users that could interpret it as the anti-inclusion, anti-gay proactiveness that I saw through it as. You can't bring up a topic like "Alan Scott shouldn't be gay" and be surprised that idiots in the comments agree with you, and then complain about intolerance.

      Also, regarding tolerance, we can block on the grounds of "Intimidating Behavior/Harassing", which homophobia would probably fall under. In the same way that the comment user was allowed three strikes for being dumb, in my opinion, this is your second strike for harassing a user on my side of the database.

      Even if you disagree with the way a moderator has handled your post and their decision to lock them when deemed necessary, I find it beyond rude the way you've decided to bring these fights to my side and clog up my feed with this (frankly harassing) behavior, when the discussion moderators have shown impressive level-headed defense in return.

      If you hadn't announced your resignation in a discussion post, I would warn you to stop being such a bully when moderators moderate. We promote an inclusive environment here, and any form of antagonism to our users - homophobic or otherwise - is taken with the utmost severity.

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    • Haroldrocks I'm not resigning, just decreasing activity. That's not the same. And you're supposed to be an administrator. Isn't checking something whether it clogs up your feed or not your responsibility? If you don't like resolving an argument between two users, then resign. It's not like I'm posting very long messages like you.

      You claim my original post was mildly homophobic to mount a defense for Arise Etrigan. In my post I had clearly said that DC didn't adequately promote new LGBT characters (because Alan Scott is anyway forgotten). Someone homophobic won't say that. While you're okay with the moderator telling me to tolerate something that is explicitly spreading hate and being hateful.

      Nothing I said is harassment of any sort. I have simply pointed out what he said. Your threats don't scare me. I confronted someone, that was the right thing to do.

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