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The "Three Ghosts of Batman" is the fan-given name of a group of supervillains.


All three have worn variants of Batman's costume. All three of them have ties to the GCPD, as former policemen. In a strange twist, Batman explains to his butler Alfred Pennyworth, that he saw three similar figures in a past vision, but he believed it was merely a hallucination. As it turns out though, what Batman thought was a hallucination turned out to be a forgotten memory in which three men were chosen from the police force to train with Batman to replace him should anything ever happen to him. During the test, Batman had himself isolated so that a Doctor Simon Hurt could study his moves and what drives him. During his time in the isolation experiment, Batman hallucinated the death of Robin and was driven with guilt. When the three replacement Batmen came in to challenge him, Batman took them down easily. Dr. Hurt decided that the three Batmen needed to be driven by rage and sorrow, so he killed the third man's family, pouring glue in his brother's eyes, and carved up his sister. He also began adding venom and monster serum to the second cop, Bat-Bane, until that cop was driven to kill his own family in rage. Doctor Hurt put hypnotic suggestions into Batman's head to help him forget the whole experience and dismiss it as a bad dream. The three replacement cops were hidden away to await the day they would return.

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