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Thrush was a member of the Paladins and the mother of Falconette.

Originally a husband and wife team, The Thrush and The Falconer operated as vigilantes, complete with a secret hide out known as The Airie, which contained all of the crime-fighting equipment they would need as well as the files they had accumulated.

The Thrush, along with her side-kick and daughter, Falconette (who replaced her father's place following his death), are members of the golden age super team The Paladins, the world's first post-humans. She and her daughter participated in fighting for the Allies in World War Two and were unwillingly transported with the rest of their metahuman allies via Daemonite teleportation technology away from the Hiroshima nuclear bombing site by the American government. Thrush was placed, along with the other Paladins into a state of suspended animation, and mentally connected to a simulation called "The Number of the Beast." - An experiment to simulate the biblical end of days with super-heroes, to gauge their reactions to such an event.

During her time in the Number of the Beast, The Thrush, along with the other Paladins were engaged in a number of violent occurrences, building on their mythos as heroes, such as defeating an alien invasion, or aiding the others in the defeat of Dr. Sin.

Thrush was also in the field when the members of the city "disappeared" without a trace or a lead for the heroes to follow, and while the other heroes were unbalance and worried by the turn of events, Thrush and Falconette were still on the streets, watching the super-villains who had also been left behind. Once the intent of the Number of the Beast simulation had become clear to the High, he took it upon himself to save the heroes trapped inside of it, and unfortunately, the only way to do that was to kill them all. Diving into the face of the city from space, the High was able to cause an enormous explosion, killing all the inhabitants and waking them from their simulation.

As they woke from the stasis they had been placed in for the last 63 years, the heroes gathered their costumes and equipment and began to make tracks from the underground Number of the Beast Bunker in the Nevada desert. However, these actions alerted the Authority ultimately leading to a misunderstanding confrontation between the two groups, with Falconette and The Thrush attacking Swift. Eventually the confrontation died down and the two teams where transported back to the Authority's Carrier upon the arrival of the American government's High clones known as Reapers.

After their transporation to the Authority's Carrier, and the subsequent battle with the weaponized High clones, Falconette was badly hurt, and the Thrush was last seen singing to her daughter, crying to try and calm her last moments. Her status during the World's End is currently unknown.


  • Flight: The Thrush's wings are biologically attached to her body which allows her to fly.


Master in fighting skills

  • Much of this blog is primarily based on a biographical note in the back of Number of the Beast #4.
  • The Thrush and the Falconer's husband-and-wife team-up is a presumable reference to the team-up between Hawkman and Hawkwoman.