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Thrust, a former space pirate, is a freelance operative for Point Force, a covert government team.


Thrust was born to a Durlan mother and an unnamed father. This parentage is what gives Thrust his unique ability to mimic powers while other Durlans only mimic appearance. Thrust was a member of a gang of pirates that smuggled illegal goods on a stolen spaceship. Thrust claims to have been their leader but that is up to debate. Thrust became stranded on earth after the gang found out about the bounty on his head placed by his father.[1]

Point Force

In San Francisco, Thrust was recruited to the United States government-subsidized, covert, paramilitary super-hero team Point Force. There he worked directly under Jesse Aron, who is described as Thrust's only true friend.

After about a year of living on Earth, Thrust went on a mission to retrieve the newly time displaced Timber Wolf. After their fight Timber Wolf joined Point Force to get help to find the kidnapped Aria. Together Thrust and Timber Wolf go to The Gene Pool, a club for the Metagene-Positive, to confront Captain Flag about Aria's whereabouts. As Flag escapes, Timber Wolf is able to confirm he's had contact with Aria.[2]

At Point Force's training facilities Thrust tried to help Timber Wolf when the training equipment went out of control. While making repairs to the damaged equipment they find out Captain Flag is destroying the office of Point Force's leader, Faost. When they get there Flag has left and they find The Creeper. Thrust absorbed The Creeper's power and had a bad reaction to his chemical makeup.[3]

Later Thrust revealed he had contact with former Point Force member Brainchild, a mind reader, who knew Aria was being held by the Dominators. Thrust went with a Point Force team to rescue Aria. Captain Flag was waiting for them with a new power boost. After getting knocked around, Timber Wolf loaned Thrust his powers so the two of them could overpower Captain Flag. Flag, who is powered up by Aria's pain, knocked both heroes back. Timber Wolf lost himself in anger and chased after a Captain Flag who lost his power boost when Aria realized her pain was giving them power.[4]

Thrust and the rest of the Point Force team follow Timber Wolf and Captain Flag back to the Dominator ship. Inside Thrust found Brainchild in a pod. Thrust freed Brainchild from the pod, who quickly died in Thrust's arms. After Timber Wolf rescued Aria everyone but Thrust ran off the ship, which was trying to lift off. Thrust stayed to give Brainchild's body his necklace, saying it was for good luck and that he might need it where he was going. Thrust was attacked by Captain Flag one more time, before Timber Wolf was able to come back and grab Thrust and get them both off the ship.[5]

Thrust said goodbye to Timber Wolf and Aria when they left Point Force to find their own place in the 20th century.


  • Though never stated outright it is heavily implied that Lobo is Thrust's father.[6]



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