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Thump was a warrior in Starfire's freedom fighters.

The man who would become known as Thump was the human descendent of a society known as the Lightning Lords. He operated in the tower of their primary citadel as a computer programmer. Thump was responsible for the creation of an artificial intelligence known as the Keeper. However, when the sorceress named Lady Djinn took control of the citadel, she used her magic upon the programmer, turning him into an addle-brained mute. She exiled the mute into the valley where he wandered about for years, with no memory of his true heritage or his contribution to the Keeper system.

An alien tribal culture known as the Mygorg discovered the lumbering mute, and enslaved him. Recognizing that his immense size would make him an able-bodied warrior, they placed him inside an arena, where they forced him to engage in gladiatorial combat.

One afternoon, the Mygorg chieftain forced Thump to square off against a dangerous Frost Dragon. Few of the Mygorg spectators expected the human to survive, but miraculously, Thump's instincts took control and he succeeded in snapping off one of the dragon's antlers. He drove it into the creature's side securing a clear victory.

In the meanwhile a warrior woman known only as Starfire and a small band of rebels appeared in the stands. They swarmed over the spectators freeing as many human slaves as they could possibly find. In the chaos Thump sought refuge in a cage. Starfire then took command of the wagon carrying Thump's cage and led him out of the arena. It is at this point that Starfire decides to call the mute giant Thump, as he "looks like a thump".

When Thrumdahg was poised to assault Starfire, Thump broke free of his cage and captured the would-be assailant, apparently demonstrating his gratitude towards Starfire for setting him free.[1] Thump became one of Starfire's most loyal warriors and aided her on several missions wherein they rescued more humans from the bonds of Mygorg slavery.

Eventually, their journey took the rebels back to the citadel of Lady Djinn. Lady Djinn recognized Thump and sent her Yorg allies to capture him. They managed to secure Thump and bring him back to the citadel where they encased him inside of a large energy prison. Starfire and her rouges mounted a rescue operation into the citadel and quickly freed Thump from captivity once again.

Being inside the Citadel awakened dormant memories inside the man's simple brain. He began to slowly recollect his association with the Keeper and even recalled a rudimentary understanding of the Keeper's control functions. He activated some of the computer's systems allowing the artificial intelligence the ability to aid them in defeating Lady Djinn.

Following the destruction of the citadel, Thump continued to work alongside Starfire, though he never recovered full command of his faculties. His last known adventure involved a quest to find an ancient artifact known as the Eye of Armageddon. Whether Thump and his friends successfully found the item has yet to be chronicled.


  • Computer Operation: He was a computer pprogrammer.
  • Multilingualism: He demonstrated the ability of being able to read the Mygorg language when the rest of Starfire's band could not.[1]

Other Characteristics

  • This version of Thump, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths event and later restored following the rebirth of the infinite Multiverse during the Dark Crisis of 2022-2023. Even though other versions of the character may have appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.