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Thunderbolt is a name used by two separate legacies in the DC Universe. Yz is a powerful magic being who grants the wishes of adventurer Johnny Thunder. Originally he was portrayed as a genie from Asia, but he was later revealed as a djinn from the 5th Dimension. Jakeem Thunder later took control of Yz as Johnny's successor. He has been involved with the All-Star Squadron and the Justice Society. There have been other Thunderbolts such as Mzzttexxal working with Jonni Thunder and Zzlrrrzzzm working with Skyman. Yz was created by John B. Wentworth and Stan Aschmeier, first appearing in Flash Comics #1. (1940)

Peter Cannon is also known as Thunderbolt. He is a vigilante who trained to peak conditioning with Himalayan monks. Peter Cannon was created by Pete Morisi, first appearing in the Charlton Comics publication Thunderbolt #1. (1966)


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