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Thunderbolt Jaxon was a five-issue limited series published from April to September of 2006 by WildStorm Productions. All five issues were collected in trade paperback form in 2007. The trade paperback also included additional notations about the genesis of the title character. The series was a spin-off of the Alan Moore title Albion and featured the titular hero Thunderbolt Jaxon. Thunderbolt Jaxon was a young boy from England who came upon the legendary belt of the Asgardian god Thor. Upon donning the belt, he is instantly aged to adulthood and transformed into a muscle-bound hero. The main character is based upon an old British comic strip that debuted in the pages of Comet Comics in August of 1949. The character was created by editor Ted Holmes and illustrated by artist Hugh McNeill. The character made subsequent appearances throughout the 1960's in the pages of Buster. The height of Thunderbolt Jaxon's visibility was when he graced the cover of the 1960 Knockout Annual. His last appearance was in 1969. Jaxon is an archteype boy-into-man figure, largely inspired by the more popular Captain Marvel comics of the 1940s. Writer/artist Dave Gibbons specifically selected the character from a list of eligible obscure British heroes scheduled for updating as part of the Albion line.



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