Quote1.png --Turn back! Run! Warn all the people of the Rainbow of Worlds--!Tell them......Tell them it's the end of things. Quote2.png
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Thunderer is a weather god of the Mowanjum people and the last survivor of Earth 7.

Suffering the attack of The Gentry, his team was defeated and his world ravaged with only him left standing. When the Superjudge arrived to help, the broken hero told him to run, that it was the end of all. The Monitor traded his life for the Thunderer's and told him to find and unite the champions of the Multiverse and then return for him.

Sounding the multiversal alarm, Thunderer summoned many champions from many universes and gathered them together in order to return to his world and rescue Nix Uotan, but instead they reached Earth 8, a similar but different one. They confronted that Earth's heroes and told them the situation before Lord Havok defeated the Future Family and hatched the Genesis Egg, revealing the newly corrupted Dark Monitor.[1]



  • Thunder-Axe: A conductive axe that is empowered by Thunderer's electricity.
  • Thunder-Lance: A conductive lance that is empowered by Thunderer's electricity.

  • This character, like Wundajin of Earth-8, is a homage to Thor of Marvel Comics.
  • In some panels, his eyes' sclera is depicted white and in others they are depicted black.



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