Thwarcharchura is a Zamaron who raised a family with her husband Dawlakispokpok in obscurity after he became a renegade from his brethren. In his distaste of Krona for introducing an entropic wave to the universe and causing a billion years of potential life to be lost from the universe, Dawlakispokpok along with Thwarcharchura attempted to rewrite history and destroy Krona before he could peer back in time to the moment of creation. The two planned to destroy Krona by using a large device to place him at the last moments of the known universe where his existence would be destroyed by total entropy, but his methods threatened the fabric of time and he was opposed by the Guardian, Ganthet, Green Lantern, and Percival. During the fight, Ganthet's fears came to light and it was revealed that this attempt at altering history led to the original disaster of entropy being introduced to early to the universe. The connection to the past and future led to a destructive entropy wave which killed Dawlakispokpok and rapidly aged Thwarcharchura into an old woman. After discovering that it was their own actions and not Krona's that led to the introduction of entropy into the universe, Thwarcharhura was horrified and she along with her son, Doranchatok, surrendered. They were taken to Oa where they faced the judgement of a joint Oan-Zamaron tribunal.





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