Quote1 What if he said he was sorry? Would you leave us alone? Quote2
Tiffany Fox src
Tiffany Fox is the youngest daughter of the Fox Family.

She lives with her family in Gotham City, under the protection of Batwing. After a trip to Africa, Batwing attracted the attention of the Marabunta which swarmed the Fox home and attacked Tiffany's family. This forced the family to relocate to a more public location until things could settle down. Eventually Russell Tavaroff wanted revenge on Batwing for a childhood incident and decides to join with Rat Catcher in order to kidnap Tiffany and her sister Tam Fox. Tamara was eventually driven insane by the Rat Catcher, leaving Tiffany alone with him as bait to draw Batwing into the sewers below Gotham City. Tiffany fought her captors and escaped to the upper levels of the sewers where she found Batwing who revealed himself to be her brother. Together they escaped to the hospital where they were reunited once again.



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