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Tiger was Agent 1 of Spyral.

Tiger is Spyral's top agent who had worked together with Agent 8 before she had died.[1] After helping Dick Grayson take out Paragon[2] and Helena Bertinelli's promotion, he becomes Dick Grayson's partner.[3]

However, their partnership does not last long when Helena suspects him to be the traitor who killed agents of rival espionage agencies.[3] Later, he and Dick save each other from the real traitor, the presumably dead Agent 8, which reveals herself to him. He sides with her, framing the attacks on Checkmate and keeping her identity a secret from Spyral.[4]



  • Spyral Implants: Due to being an agent of Spyral, Tiger has received various implants to aid him in the field.[3]
    • Hypnos[3]
    • Identity Protection: The user's face is unable to be captured by surveillance cameras and a person's memory.[3]




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