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 After the disaster, the Tigers became one of the most powerful groups, forming the Tiger Empire ruled by Great Caesar.


Centuries after the Great Disaster, the species known as the Tiger-Men became one of the most powerful and growing clans of all the animal races. They established what would become known as the Tiger Empire – a domain that covered most of the Eastern seaboard of the former United States. Leading the empire was the Great Caesar, a proud yet overbearing tyrant who despised the sparse human population. He learned of an intelligent human named Kamandi, as well as his three mutant friends, Ben Boxer, Steve and Renzi. Caesar dedicated himself towards Kamandi's destruction and made secret dealings with a Serpent-Man named Sacker to hunt him down and kill him. Ultimately the Great Caesar's goals were never realized, and Kamandi evaded (or escaped) capture at every turn.



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