Quote1 I was hunted by civilized law! My face was known to the police of many lands! You have seen it - - - Quote2
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The Tiger Lady led a gang of international criminal fugitives, who had fled the civilized world and holed up in a well-hidden fortress, in a jungle, in a mountainous, tropical part of the world.

She organized this rabble into a tiger-masked team of deadly spearmen, mainly in order to keep the local natives at bay. A chance encounter with the Blackhawk Squadron, and a few bad decisions on her part, led to the Tigress' being killed by arrow-shooting natives, and her thugs being killed by the pistol-packing Blackhawks.

  • The anonymous outlaw Tiger Lady, of the jungle, is not known to be affiliated with either Edda Heimat, the Black Tigress, of Egypt,[1] or Joan "Tigress" Sanders, of Tigress Island.[2]



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