Tim Kelly travelled to South America to collect a fortune left to him by a deceased uncle, but was instead drawn into a life of adventure when an old man whose life he saved took him, in gratitude, to the hidden Temple of Zoltec. There, Kelly found a mysterious crystal known as the 'Eye of Zoltec' or 'Eye of Everlasting Life', which granted Kelly invulnerability and some rather vague mental powers as long as he wore it around his neck. Kelly used the Eye to become a hero, travelling around the world battling injustice, and later even travelling through time with the aid of Doctor Diamond and his Time Clock.

Eventually, Kelly was apprehended by the British Government when they began rounding up powered and otherwise unusual individuals, and was held for years without trial at Castle Baaleskine in Scotland. The Eye of Zoltec was taken from him and secretly given into the keeping of a succession of Prime Ministers beginning with Margaret Thatcher (it saved her life when abomb went off in the Brighton hotel she was staying in). Eventually, Kelly and his friend Louis Crandell (AKA The Steel Claw) were released in a mass jailbreak orchestrated by Penny Dolmann, whose late father had been a mutual friend. Kelly was devastated to find that the Eye of Zoltec was not being kept elsewhere in the castle, but nevertheless left with the others. Two months later, the Steel Claw broke into to the Prime Minister's residence in order to reclaim the Eye for Kelly, and presumably returned it to him.


So long as he wears the Eye of Zoltec, Kelly is invulnerable to harm. He can survive unprotected in space, underwater, or at ground zero of a nuclear blast. He also has various unspecified mental powers including total recall, and sometimes has psychic flashes relating to the whereabouts of the Eye's twin, the Left Eye of Zoltec, which is (or was) held by his arch foe, Diablo.

  • Tim Kelly first appeared in the strip 'Kelly's Eye', which ran in the British anthology title 'Knockout' from July 1962. Knockout was published by IPC Magazines.
  • An alternate version of Kelly appeared years later in various issues of the British sci-fi anthology 2000AD. These appearances were actually unauthorized; the publishers believed they had inherited the rights to the character, but they had actually been sold. Another alternate version of Kelly, called Tom Rosetta, appeared briefly in Alan Moore's Captain Britain series for Marvel UK.



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