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The Time Sphere is the time travel device that the scientist known as Rip Hunter and his crew use to travel through time and space.


The Time Sphere is capable of going anywhere in time theoretically, however there are a few places it cannot go. Logically the boundaries would tend to be the Beginning of the Universe and the Iron Curtain of Time erected by the Time Trapper at the End of Time.

Inside the Time Sphere are many items to assist the crew such as an Encyclopedia of Time and this assisted them in "correcting history" to the path it was intended to go to all along.

The Time Sphere has been adapted and used by various other heroes such as the Legion of Super-Heroes, which was modified by Brainiac 5 who created the Time Bubble. Due to the paradoxical nature of time travel, a Time Sphere was kept in a museum until it was stolen by Booster Gold to travel back to the 20th Century.

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