The Time Trapper is a powerful evil figure who exists at the End of Time. His ability to manipulate time has made him an enemy to the Legion of Super-Heroes, who he violently hates. He is responsible for the Legion's creation, having designed them to fight his enemy Mordru. Because of his ever-changing nature, several different people have been revealed or implied as the Trapper's true identity. These names include a Controller, his assistant Glorith, the hero Rokk Krinn, the young girl Lori Morning, and the villain Superboy-Prime. Brainiac 5 theorized the Time Trapper is actually a "sentient alternate timeline rebelling against ours. His own history changes, I'd guess even his identity could alter, as the true timeline marches on."

Time Trapper was created by Edmond Hamilton and John Forte, first appearing in Adventure Comics #317. (1964)

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