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Timmy Ryan is a Smallville citizen and a friend of Sean Smith.

At some point in time, Timmy Ryan became a member of the Smallville Crows.

During a bonfire, Timmy and his friends assaulted Jordan Kent after he kissed Sean Smith's girlfriend, Sarah Cushing. As the group severely beated Jordan, this led to Jordan manifest his Kryptonian heat-vision which caused a large explosion.[1]

Eventually, Timmy and his friends began bullying Jordan's brother, Jonathan, for his brother's mistake.[2] After Jordan joined the Crows to get his revenge on Sean and his friend, the half-Kryptonian knocked Timmy down during the football practice.[3]

The next year Timmy began using a steroid derived from X-Kryptonite. The increased strength allowed him to become the Crows' starting quarterback.[4] His mother caught him taking the drug and he was suspended from school.[5]