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Red Robin is a side kick of Batman.

Tim Drake was originally a normal Gotham City kid until, after some investigation, he successfully deduced Batman's secret identity. Batman was so impressed, he took Drake on as his sidekick and trained him to become the third Robin. For years, Drake operated under Batman and became a genius detective like his mentor. However, when Damian Wayne came to Gotham and declared himself to be the new Robin, Drake graduated from the role and took the name "Red Robin" for his solo adventures.

During Nekron's invasion, Red Robin and Clayface went to Arkham Asylum to investigate a security alarm going off. They were separated while inside and forced to fight evil wraith versions of one another.[1] After defeating them, Red Robin worked to get the security systems back online while Clayface challenged the Manhunters and wraiths that continued to invade.[2]





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