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Quote1.png They need me. Gotham needs me. But can I take on the Magistrate without them? Quote2.png
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Tim Drake is a teen vigilante, member of the Batman Family and one of the heroes fighting as Robin. After witnessing the fall of Batman, he's fighting against the Magistrate for the fate of Gotham City.

Fighting the Magistrate

As Bruce Wayne was killed by the Magistrate, and all the other Robins were out of the game, or even fighting for the enemy, Tim Drake stood alone against the forces of the Magistrate, especially against their cybers, synthetic soldiers who were almost unstoppable. After discovering about a mysterious substance that would make the cybers invincible, Tim fought against a cyber using a prototype version of that substance, almost losing his life if not for the intervention of Spoiler. Successfully stealing information from the Magistrate cyber, Tim identified this substance as the "Lazarus Resin", a formula of the League of Assassins able to make cybers immortal. With Spoiler refusing to help him, as she would not bear a person she loves dying again, Tim looked for help from another person.

He contacted Darcy, former member of the We Are Robin movement, who could help him track down the Lazarus Resin cargo coming to the city, a cargo containing the final version of the substance. Risking her life while doing it, Darcy gave Tim the information and also accepted to put the mask back on to help him in the operation. As they approached the warehouse where the Resin was, Spoiler also showed up, not resisting a plea for help made by Tim. While fighting to reach the substance, Tim ended up fighting against one of the cyber who already were fed with it: the cyber broke Tim's neck, but Drake ended up in a bath of Lazarus Resin, which healed his wounds and powered him up. [2]




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