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Quote1 Tim Drake. The third Robin, but the first to choose it for himself. Which seems to mean he can't be anything else. He's stuck letting that identity be his entire personality... Quote2
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Tim Drake is a teen vigilante who, for a time, acted as the third Robin after the death of Jason Todd. When he matured out of the role and was replaced by Damian Wayne, Tim became the vigilante Red Robin.


New 52 Origin

Tim was an athletic and popular teenage genius, who sought out new and exciting challenges within everyday life. One such challenge was to find out the secret identity of his local superhero Batman. After crossing the Penguin to get Batman's attention, Tim's family was put into witness protection, and Tim used his middle name as his new last name "Tim Drake".

With the Robin mantle still not filled after the predecessor's death, Batman finally acknowledged Tim's skill and offered him the position. Tim declined, however, finding that taking the name of a fallen hero was disrespectful, and chose to act under a moniker known as Red Robin.[5]

Batman trained Red Robin to be a vigilante, and the two worked together for a short time before Tim had a falling out with his mentor and went into a state of semi-retirement.

Following the cosmic upheavals of the Rebirth period, this character's history was revised.

Current Origin

Tim Drake Robin Vol 1 3 Textless Nauck Variant

Tim Drake in his original costume

As a child, Tim was taken to Haly's Circus, where he watched the Flying Graysons, the same day of their deaths. He witnessed Batman and Dick Grayson in action and was deeply moved by both. Later, he noticed as Robin first appeared around the same time Bruce Wayne took Dick as his ward and performed the same acrobatic movements as the latter, which Tim knew had been mastered by very few people. Theorizing they could be Batman and Robin, Tim followed their careers closely and, using his impressive detective skills, was proven correct, keeping the secret for himself. Years later, he correctly deduced Dick had become Nightwing and Jason Todd was the second Robin.[6]

After Jason's death, Tim grew worried about Batman's change in personality and tried to convince Dick to reunite to Batman as Robin, but, while impressed by Tim, he refused. Later, when Batman and Nightwing were in a dire situation against Two-Face, Tim was of vital help. Bruce then agreed to train him as the new Robin.[6]

Later Career

Eventually, Tim became a founding member of Young Justice alongside close friends like Connor Kent, Cassie Sandsmark, and Bart Allen. The team would go on many adventures, and its membership expanded over time, even including Stephanie Brown, also known as the Spoiler. One day, after many adventures, Young Justice would sadly disband.[7]

However, its core membership would go on to become part of a new iteration of the Teen Titans, one that also included Beast Boy and Raven. During an investigation that had major consequences for the superhero community, Tim's father was murdered by Captain Boomerang.[8]

When Damian Wayne took the title of Robin, Tim instead chose to take the title Red Robin.

New 52

Fighting N.O.W.H.E.R.E.

After discovering about an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. that abducts young metahumans, Tim Drake starts to actively recruiting those targets to form an alliance able to put up a resistance. While collaborating and struggling to convince the teen amazon Cassie Sandsmark[9] to accept his proposal, Tim helps another young metahuman called Skitter[10]: while he travels in incognito with her, as Cassie decided to investigate alone, Tim also meets Bunker, a Mexican metahuman who followed Tim's appeal about fighting N.O.W.H.E.R.E., that accepts to join the "team" right away.[11]

Teen Titans Vol 4 1 Textless

Titans Together

After two escapees of the organization, Kid Flash and Solstice, join the team now residing in Manhattan, the Teen Titans act together for the first time to defend Cassie from a mysterious metahuman wearing the "S" symbol of Superman on his chest.[12]Even if unable to defeat the self-appointed Superboy, Tim and Kiran succeed in putting their enemy's faith in N.O.W.H.E.R.E. to test, as Superboy does not deliver the Titans to the organization.[13] After helping Bart Allen stabilizing his powers, the Titans head to N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s fortress to save Superboy, as his betrayal led the organization to the decision of terminating him. Thanks to a debacle between Tim and Solstice, the Titans are unable to escape the fortress and find themselves face to face with their enemy's leader, the mysterious Harvest.[14]

Harvest's master-plan is to make the Titans part of a selection process that he names The Culling, a battle royal between young metahumans where the survivors join Harvest's own super-team, the Ravagers.[15] Meeting with another abducted team, the Legion, the Titans ally themselves with them to fight the Culling and avoid killing any other metahuman.[16] As Harvest flees after revealing to Tim he's a normal human being, just like Red Robin, the fortress is collapsing thanks to the action of the Legion that, according to plan, blew up the central core of the building and teleported away.[17] Able to escape and finding themselves on a strange island, the Titans get back to Manhattan thanks to the sacrifice of Danny, a double-agent working for Tim: Red Robin initially struggles to let Danny go, but at last accepts his desire as he teleports them for the last time.[18]

The Origin of Wonder Girl

Back to their HQ, Cassie experiences a total breakdown of her powers: the Silent Armor she wears takes control of her, making her a killing machine. Tim and Kon-El succeed in stopping her, stripping the armor from her, but a mysterious ex-boyfriend of Cassie, Diesel, comes there right as the armor comes off, taking it for himself.[19] To finally discover the origin of the armor, Tim, with Cassie and Kon-El, travels to Cambodia where they discover the armor is someway connected to Trigon.[20]As they faced Diesel once again, Cassie gets to face her former love alone while Tim and Kon-El deal with an army of "blood warriors" Diesel created. After taking her armor back, the three come back home, promising Cassie they will help her contain the evil power of the armor.[21]

Death of the Family

Back to the Teen Titans' headquarters in Manhattan, Tim gets alerted by Batman that the Joker is targeting all the allies of the Dark Knight.[22] While Tim heads straight to the Bat-Cave to confront with Bruce and the rest of the Family, where Batman reveals them that Joker might know all their secret identities[23], the Titans find a message of the clown stating he kidnapped Red Robin, luring the young team to Gotham City.[21]

Teen Titans Vol 4 15 Textless

Targeted by the Joker!

Soon after, Tim wakes up in a basement, getting confronted by the Joker: the clown plans to contaminate the Titans with Joker Toxin and then to unleash them on the city of Gotham, all to make Tim suffer.[24] After losing his consciousness again, Tim finds himself in the company of another prisoner, fellow Batman Family member Jason Todd. The Joker wants them to fight to the death and the two heroes pretend to indulge him, only to go for a surprise attack, with Jason shooting the clown several times. Tim, even if against his moral code, is relieved that the Joker is finally dead but he is soon refuted, as the target was revealed to be a mannequin full of Joker Gas: both him and Red Hood fall to the ground, senseless.[25]

Tim was brought to the Joker's final act in his vendetta against the Family: a simulation of a dinner hosted by Batman, in the Bat-Cave, with all the Family members attending. After Batman saves them from an incendiary trap, Tim and the others get infected by Joker Gas thanks to a bomb previously placed by the clown: while the Dark Knight and his nemesis fight, the Robins and Batgirl assault each other, possessed by the effects of the gas. In the outcome, everyone recovers but a fracture was created between Bruce and his pupils: they all felt betrayed by the fact that Batman never informed them of the possibility that the Joker knew all their identities.[26]

Last Adventures with the Titans

As the demon Trigon possessed him, Tim started to act in a bizarre way, seducing Solstice behind Bart Allen's back and also starting a secret relationship with Cassie.[27]He also tricks his team in believing he was trying to save a young metahuman from Belle Reve, only to cut a deal with Amanda Waller.[28]As all was revealed to be a trial from Trigon, who wanted to test the ability of Tim to resist to his possession, Red Robin becomes the center of a fracture in the Teen Titans when their new member, Trigon's daughter Raven, reveals the truth in front of the whole team. [29]

As the team slowly recovers from their trust issues, the Titans faced the Crime Syndicate after they took over the world: Syndicate's member Johnny Quick sends the whole team in an eternal time-travelling loop[30] that ends only when Tim deducts that the magical abilities of Raven can gather all the members in the same time and place.[31] But before they come together, Tim, Cassie and Kon-El find themselves in a future not too far away, where an evil Jon Kent killed almost all the metahumans on planet Earth. After confronting with the only survivor of the Justice League, an adult Garfield Logan, Tim an the others get transported by Raven all in one time, the 30th century, without knowing that Garfield and his wife swapped Kon-El with Jon.[32]

Now a thousand years in the future, the team gathers here as Bart Allen is getting ready for a trial to defend himself against war crimes: he was born Bar Torr and was the leader of a revolutionary movement fighting through the galaxy against the Functionary, an absolute form of government who denied any kind of freedom.[33] As Bart once again tried to strike down his past enemies[33], Tim and the Titans learned his origins and could do nothing for him: condemned to live a life of hard work, Bart will remain in this time serving his punishment. Solstice, unable to leave the boy she loves alone, remains with him.[34]

As also Superboy, still secretly hiding the fact he is Jon Kent, decides to stay in the 30th century, only Raven, Tim and Cassie come back to their original time, and Tim and Cassie decide to start a relationship.[35] Reunited with Beast Boy and Bunker and a stabilized Skitter, the Titans fight one last time to put away once and for all the menace of Harvest.[36] As they disband, Tim comes back to be one of the heroes fighting Batman's war on Gotham's crime.[37]

Batman Eternal

While investigating on a nanobot virus that affected children living in Gotham's Philip Kane Memorial in the Narrows, Tim meets Harper Row and her brother Cullen who is infected by the virus as well. Tim assures Harper that he will do anything to find who is behind it, stopping it from infecting others and curing Cullen of its effects. As Batman must try to stop an incoming gang war, Tim informs him of the problem and decides he will investigate by himself.[38] Finding out a link between the nanobot's design and former mentor of Batman Sergei Alexandrov, Tim heads to Tokyo looking to find the Russian inventor.[39] Harper secretly got into Tim's plane[40] and after being discovered, she collaborated with Tim in his mission, even if against Red Robin's directives.[41]

Batman Eternal Vol 1 26 Textless

Fighting alongside the Family

The two do have success in convincing Alexandrov to come back to Gotham with them to help solve the virus problem[42]: after talking about Harper's natural talent with the inventor, Tim agrees to train the girl himself.[42] Tim later confronts Jason Todd about a personal attack to Alfred from their mysterious enemy, with both deciding to put away their trust issues with Bruce to help him in every way possible, as the whole problem became too personal.[43] Soon, Bruce reveals he believes Thomas Elliot, also known as Hush, is behind the whole plan.[44] Tim heads out with the rest of the Family trying to stop him, but soon Hush is captured and revealed to be just another pawn.[45]

In the end, Tim finds out the nanobot swarm was a project of the Mad Hatter and, after being briefly controlled by the madman himself[46], Red Robin gets cured by Harper and together with her, Jason and Barbara puts an end to Tetch's plans.[47] After Batman defeats the mastermind behind the whole thing, Lincoln March, Tim meets Stephanie Brown and informs her that March has been taken by unknowns, as the girl was asking the status of the man who killed her father, the Cluemaster, who worked as the right hand of Lincoln himself.[48]

Back with the Titans

After a while, Tim decided to try again to make the Titans work, reassembling a formation similar to the last one, consisting of him, Wonder Girl, Bunker, Beast Boy and Raven. In their first mission together, they stop a mysterious enemy trying to sabot the operation of S.T.A.R. Labs.[49], After discovering this enemy was an advanced A.I. called Algorithm[50], they faced her several times until Tim destroyed her once and for all, saving one of S.T.A.R. Labs high executives, Manchester Black.[51]

Black proposes an alliance between the Titans and S.T.A.R. Labs: Tim, afraid there's something his new friend wants to hide, pretends to accept but sends Beast Boy on stealth action to find out more.[52] After welcoming a new member in Power Girl[53], the Titans stop a device from blowing off the entire island of Manhattan. Tim then talks to Manchester Black to find out more about the projects of Operation:Paperclip, a post-World War II black ops program of the United States government, that S.T.A.R. Labs currently possess, as the device they just stopped is part of that arsenal.[54]

To avoid explaining himself and his real objectives, Black shifts Tim's attention towards a returning Kon-El, who is accused of perpetrating a mass-murder.[55] Trusting his friend to be innocent, Tim and the Titans give him sheltering from the authorities, but Wonder Girl and Power Girl do not agree on helping him.[56] Allying with Black, Tanya and Cassie become members of The Elite, starting a fight between teams for the destiny of Kon.[57] Tim then discovers from Black that Despero, held inside a super-prison in Metropolis, has information able to exonerate Kon from all accusations[58]: this is revealed to be a trap, as Black was trying to end the Titans once and for all.

Even if Manchester Black failed, Harvest in someway came back and took Superboy with himself, for the desperation of Tim who thought he lost his best friend definitively.[59] After defeating Black, the Titans are bow treated like rogues and get arrested by Alpha Centurion.[60] Still, they manage to free themselves and escape, with Tim that heads to Gotham City together with Red Hood to understand better the We Are Robin movement situation.[61]

Robin War

We Are Robin Vol 1 7 Textless

Robin War

When a group of rag-tag vigilante's called We Are Robin were setup in a war against the Gotham City police, Tim was among the former Robins (Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Damian Wayne) that attempted to control the situation. The four Robins set out to train the We Are Robin movement and lead them on several missions, all of which turned out to be Dick's plan to have the authorities capture all of the Robins except himself to keep them safe. Tim and the others were taken to a secret prison facility nicknamed "The Cage", soon learning that the Court of Owls had orchestrated the whole war.

After being forced to fight Red Hood in a match that was supposed to be to the death, Tim and the other Robins managed to fend off the Court of Owls and their army of Talons, clearing their names and allowing the We Are Robin movement to return to the streets. Though Tim expressed disappointment that Dick had kept the secret of his plan from the rest of them, Dick apologized, emphasizing the lengths he went through to protect his Robin family.

Who is Wonder Girl?

Still on the run thanks to the fact the Titans helped Superboy, Tim leads the team in a statewide escape, telling them to keep their powers low-profile. This creates friction between Wonder Girl and himself, as Cassie does not want to keep herself powerless. She's disquiet and suddenly she leaves for London, but Raven tracks her down: Cassie is hearing a calling from her father, wishing her to come to him to finally discover her true nature. After breaking into an apartment, Cassie is discovered to be the daughter of Lennox, now dead, and niece of Cassandra, a demigoddess from Olympus. Cassandra wants to help her niece bringing her father back to life.

As Cassie's aunt tele-transports herself, Wonder Girl and the whole team, Red Robin is left behind as the owner of the apartment, Wonder Woman, took him before he could change location.[62] Tim tells Wonder Woman what happened, with Diana now worried as Cassandra is not as good as she wants to appear: she was the one that set in motion what brought Lennox to his death. Tim and Diana get to the location of Cassie and the rest of the Titans and Diana wraps Cassandra with her Lasso, but shockingly discovers that she's honest.[63] Still, the plan involves using an ancient item, the Rod of Asclepius, to resurrect Lennox and Diana does not like the idea. In a battle for the Rod, Tim recovers it and gives it to Cassie, telling her the Titans will trust her choice.

After giving the Rod to Cassandra, her evil aunt betrays them, even managing to trick the Lasso, but gets defeated by the Titans, with Tim providing an instant-plan to save them from certain death. In the end, Cassandra is brought to Olympic justice and Wonder Girl and Diana, which is revealed to be Cassie's aunt as well, start to bond.[64]

The Titans then live several adventures: after stopping Brain and Mallah[65], Tim succeeds in blackmailing Amanda Waller with proof of her ordering lethal force unnecessarily, making her clearing the criminal record of the Titans as reward, after Waller kidnapped him trying to recruit the Titans into her Task Force X initiative.[66] After Tim gets congratulated by his mentor, as Batman menaced to shut down the Titans himself if he wasn't able to straighten up the situation, the Titans are attacked by the H.I.V.E. Queen who was trying to take over New Orleans, but a brilliant plan of Tim leads to her defeat.[62]

Batman and Robin Eternal

After Dick warns him that a mysterious assassin is targeting some of the pupils of the Dark Knight[67], including Dick and Tim himself, Red Robin gathers with the other targets where Dick plays a registration of Batman talking about the instigator of the executions, a figure called Mother.[68] After helping saving Bruce's life, Dick and Tim fight after the first Boy Wonder secretly tries to discover if Tim had any links with Mother, endangering Tim's real parents' lives.[69]

Following a track on Orphan, the assassin trying to kill them, Tim and Jason Todd went to the island of Santa Prisca where the Order of St. Dumas established a new sanctuary, taking control of the place from Bane.[70] As they find about a past link between Mother and Azrael[71], the angel-warrior of St. Dumas, Tim decides to pretend he wanted to join the order, getting access to their citadel, Gnosis. Offering Jason as "sacrifice", Tim triggers an EMP to deactivate the order's defenses and takes data about Ichthys, a formula given to Mother in exchange of Azrael.[72]

Batman & Robin Eternal Vol 1 15 Textless

Against the sword of Azrael

Tim realized Ichthys was a virus and, collaborating with Azrael after convincing him that the Order was manipulating him, cures Jason from it, as he was infected by an attack of the Order's leader. They soon flew back to London, preparing a counter-attack against Mother.[73]

In Spyral's headquarters, Tim survives the attack of the students of St. Hadrian, brainwashed by Mother's version of Ichthys: the virus takes the mind only of minors, pushing them to kill adults in the name of Mother. In a few moments of lucidity, as he was effected by the virus himself, Tim deducted that Scarecrow's Fear Gas could defeat the virus, as fear was the key to cure Red Hood in Santa Prisca.[74] Confirming his theory, Tim cures himself as all the allies of the Batman participate in a worldwide resistance against the spreading effect of the virus. In the end, together with the other three Robins, Tim takes part in the final fight with Mother who is defeated once and for all.[75]


The Belfry

After illustrating to Batman an idea to create a system which would finally give the Dark Knight the chance to have his "Pax Batmana" in Gotham City, Tim Drake builds a phenomenal infrastructure, the Belfry, and then becomes the Lieutenant of Batwoman's new team (dubbed by Tim the Gotham Knights), the operative unit of his project, working then from the Belfry alongside Orphan, Spoiler and the reforming Clayface. During his time with this new team, Tim participated in a battle against the Colony during which he was seemingly killed.[76], also leading to the disbanding of the super-team he led, the Teen Titans.[77] Instead, he was transported to a mysterious location by the enigmatic Mister Oz. Tim made one escape attempt early in his capture,[78] but it failed and he made no further attempts for some time.

Lonely Place of Living

After a conversation with Mister Oz regarding why Tim chose to become Robin, Tim was able to stall long enough to hack into Mister Oz's systems and release himself from the bonds that held him during the interrogation. After a brief fight, Mister Oz revealed himself as Jor-El and left. Tim, desperate for rescue used the computers within the prison to send out a transmission to Batman which was soon answered by a Batman who claimed to also be held within the prison. Using his computer to release all of the cells, Tim ran to find this Batman, before they were attacked by Doomsday and Tim learned that the Batman he just saved was the him of a possible future.[6]

Detective Comics Vol 1 967 Textless

Tim Drake vs his own future!

As he struggles to accept what he has become, Tim starts to discuss his future with his own future version, who tells him that no matter what he tried, he never stopped destiny to turn him into the version of Batman he is now. As Doomsday is distracted and Jor-El is still missing, Tim accepts to be transported back to Gotham. In the city, before leaving for his timeline, future Tim gives his younger version one last advice: to make amends with Conner. Tim does not acknowledge the identity of Conner, leading his future self to understand he can change his future this time. He then leaves after stunning Tim.[79]

As Red Robin recovers, he goes to the Belfry to set up a protection plan for Batwoman, the target of his future version, who seems to have started whatever turned Tim into Batman two decades later. Then, Tim faces his older self inside the Bat-Cave, alongside Batman and all the other Robins. Before the fight begins though, his future-self activates a mysterious, secret program Bruce was developing: Brother Eye.[80] Initially, Brother Eye and his future-self seem to much to handle, but Tim manages to stop his older version enough to let hyper-time take him to his original timeline, with Batwoman still surviving. Before disappearing, Tim tells to his younger self to hold on to these last few moments of happiness: soon everything will fall apart.[81]

Fall of the Batmen

After reuniting with Stephanie, Tim starts to think how he can change his life to avoid becoming the future version of himself he met days earlier.[82] Still, Tim did not tell Stephanie about his change of plans, as his girlfriend is still convinced he will drop out from his superhero life to attend college. As Tim then discovers Lonnie Machin hacked Stephanie's smartphone to take pictures of the members of the Gotham Knights, Stephanie himself confronts him as she discovered the truth. Going to face Anarky alone, Spoiler leaves Tim to think about their relationship.[83]

Anarky works with the Victim Syndicate, who is planning to bring Clayface to his breaking point, unleashing a berserk version of him on Gotham, just to prove that the Gotham Knights are wrong and should not exist. Tim, Stephanie and Cassandra deduct too late that this was their enemy's plan, as Basil Karlo is unleashed.[84] As Tim remembers the last words his future version said to him, he tracks down Batwoman but he soon has to confront Clayface after he absorbs all the clay in the Belfry's Mud Room, becoming enormous.[85] As the team was unable to stop Basil, they try an Hail Mary as Cassandra injects him with a prototype of a cure developed by Doctor October: as the cure effects slowly fade away, Batwoman takes the decision to terminate Basil Karlo with a special gun given to her by her father.[86]

Soon realizing this was the event his future self was referring to, Tim saw the Belfry destroyed, his team falling apart and betrayed and his girlfriend leaving him, afraid he's going right down the path that will make him the nightmare future-self he hates. Tim breaks down, desperate, as Batman tries to comfort him.[87]

Batmen Eternal

After Batgirl debunked Tim's Gotham Knight initiative, saying Batman accepted to do it only to keep an eye on Batwoman[88], Tim and Bruce argue about it, with Bruce confirming the words of Barbara and saying to Tim the program will be no more. Enraged, Tim finds himself thinking about the proposal of joining his former enemy and rival, ex-Colony genius Ulysses Armstrong, who in someway stole data from Tim's future persona[89]

Ulysses shows to Tim a specific fragment of the data he found, about Batwoman terminating Batman after a direct order of the President of the United States, all due to the fact that Bruce reactivated Brother Eye. Ulysses then proposes to Tim to give him access to Brother Eye before time, to make him able to bring peace to Gotham City before that moment happens. Tim answers his former enemy that he must think about the whole thing, then he meets Batman and accepts the fact that he needs help to recover from all the recent trauma he suffered. While there, two Colony agents attack and kill the criminals Batman was watching over.[90]

Detective Comics Vol 1 981 Textless

Gotham Knights one last time!

As Batman meets with Batwoman and Colonel Kane to clarify their involvement in the situation, Tim discovers that Ulysses is behind it all: he took control of Brother Eye and developed an OMAC protocol to transform everyone connected to a weapon under his control. As Tim cannot regain control of the Brother Eye system, Ulysses takes control of him as well as the program is installed on Tim's suit.[91] Forcing Tim to experience every bad moment of his future, Ulysses brain-washes him making Tim take control of the OMAC fleet. As Batman is convinced Tim is only a pawn in someone else's game, Bruce convinces Batwoman to give him some time and then heads to Stephanie Brown, alongside Cassandra, to ask for help in stopping Tim before it is too late.[92]

Tim, now coated in the OMAC suit, is trying to kill Batwoman for what he did to Bruce in the future. But as Katherine does not believe Tim is acting in his own free will, Tim shows her all the action she performs and why she must be stopped.[93] But Stephanie hacks into Ulysses' code, showing Tim that Batwoman did not kill Batman the way he believed: that Batman was ill because of radiation poisoning he suffered when he built the Brother Eye satellite. As he was going to die in extraordinary pain, Bruce decided to self-destruct everything connected to the Batman, as the cowl should not be eternal, only to let Kate do her duty. After living the truth and with Ulysses stopped, Tim comes back and Brother Eye is deactivated.

As Batwing and Bruce work on eliminating Brother Eye for good, Tim decides to find answers on his future together with Stephanie, leaving the city with the promise that one day he will come back.[94]

Young Justice

Young Justice Vol 3 1 Textless

Return of Young Justice

Two days after their departure from Gotham City, Tim and Stephanie wait for Zatanna in front of the Hall of Justice: the experience with his future self made Tim aware that he could have suffered some consequences that very few people would be able to detect. The sorceress scans his mind, waking up inside Tim a series of images and memories of a past life he never remembered, linked to a team called Young Justice. Understanding that central to this forgotten life was the figure of his best friend Conner Kent, Tim travels to Metropolis after arranging a meeting with Stephanie in two days time.[95]

Once in Metropolis, Tim confronts a sudden extra-dimensional invasion: soon, a lot of heroes in the area converge there, and one of them, Bart Allen, shouts "Young Justice is back" while fighting alongside Tim and Wonder Girl. Red Robin hides his emotions, but he's clearly shaken by the fact that Bart remembers things he doesn't. In the end, when the conflict looked to be over, all these group of young heroes gets transported to another dimension: Tim, in particular, finds himself in the company of a princess, Amethyst.[96]

After getting back together with some of the other heroes, Tim gets captured with them by the forces of Dark Opal and imprisoned under his castle.[97] Surprisingly, Bart Allen arrives together with Kon, who frees them: it seems Superboy was part of a dimensional incident that imprisoned him in this world, without no possibility to come back. Now that he is with them, he knows he will find his way home.[98] After fighting alongside Amaya to defeat Dark Opal, Young Justice is celebrated by the Gem Council that promises to send them back to Earth. Amaya decides to go with them, as Earth is her birth-world.

The Council though lied to them, an instead of sending them home, Young Justice was exiled from Gemworld and thrown into the Multiverse.[99] Different dimension after different dimension, they end up in Earth 3[100] where they have to fight their evil counterparts.[101] Thanks to the help of Earth 3's own Stephanie Brown, who is the Batwoman of this dimension and acts still as a hero, the team comes back on Earth. During his time on Earth 3, Tim encounters his counterpart called Drake and Bart suggests him he should take this alias instead of Red Robin.[102] Tim will change his gear and start using his name, even if many of his comrades keep calling him just Robin.

Young Justice Vol 3 18 Textless

Drake's final mission

The team ends up in Oregon, passing though a portal, inside a S.T.A.R. Labs facility that was there to help the young Naomi understand and control her just-discovered powers.[3] There, Superboy spots that the director of the site is Dr. Glory, the woman responsible of sending him in Gemworld. Kon sustains this scientist was conducting illegal experiments behind the back of the Justice League and cannot wait to go and confront her, resulting in him getting again sent into another world.[103] After making a plan involving several new members of Young Justice, in particular Spoiler, finally reunited with him, Tim captures Dr. Glory while Wonder Girl, Impulse and Sideways manage to save Kon. As they are arresting her, the S.T.A.R. Labs scientist reveals the whole team she knows what happened to the original Young Justice thing, also knowing why some of the members, including Tim, forgot all about their past lives together.[104]

Soon after, the team aided the Justice League in a clean-up mission. During this, Batman pulled Drake aside and talked to him, whatever he said upsetting Tim.[105] Getting a call from Stephanie, the two teamed up to find Cluemaster, who ended up surviving his slashed throat. After the two shut down Cluemaster, Tim abandoned the Drake identity and costume, returning to being Robin once more. It was revealed that Superboy and Impulse were planning on staging an intervention over the two, but it turned out that was what Batman was telling Tim earlier.[106]

Joker War

Tim was called in by Punchline mimicking Batgirl's voice for a trap intended to kill as many people as possible, including him and the arriving Red Hood. Dick Grayson, having had his mind altered by the Joker into believing he was the psychotic "Dickyboy", ambushed the two, forcing Jason to send Tim to defuse the bomb. By the time Tim had defused the bomb, Dick had his memory returned and the Bat-Family was reunited.[107]

With the other Gotham vigilantes gathered, Batman prepared to take back the city from the Joker. When Batman decided to go after the Joker, Harley Quinn decided to follow with the idea of killing the clown. When Tim voiced his opinion that maybe she should head back to Arkham again, she shut him up, calling him "Duckboy", mocking his former hero name.[108]

Infinite Frontier

Urban Legends

Feeling like he didn't know what he wanted in life, Tim quit Ivy University and broke up with Stephanie. Once again operating as Robin while Damian was out of town, Tim investigated a new threat called the "Chaos Monster". When he met up with his old friend Bernard Dowd it attacked, took Tim out and kidnapped Bernard.[109]

Tim tracked down the cult behind the Chaos Monster, turning down help from Stephanie and Conner. He pretended to join it[110] to infiltrate a meeting, where Bernard was supposed to be sacrificed. After freeing him Bernard insisted on fighting together with Robin, proving himself to be a capable fighter. He also told Robin to tell Tim Drake that he "whished to have finished [their] date", if he didn't make it out. This triggered a "lightbulb moment" for Tim, where he finally understood part of what had been confusing him about himself recently.

After defeating all the cultists Tim let the police handle the captured children. Still unsure about how to proceed now, Tim had a conversation with Detective Williams, who encouraged him to just live in the moment. Following this advice Tim later accepted Bernard's offer for another date.[111]

Fear State

Tim teamed up with The Signal, the Outsiders and Clownhunter to prevent Scarecrow from creating The Fearful, who would have become a big threat in the future.[112][113]

Batman Urban Legends Vol 1 10 Textless

On a holiday mission

Tim and Bernard had been dating for a month when Detective Williams asked him for help with a case involving citizens causing problems in Gotham's churches after the Fear State had been stopped. Tim asked Bruce if they could team up again, hoping that it might help lift his spirit. After that problem was solved Tim told him about Bernard and Bruce replied that he was happy for him.[114]

Dark Crisis

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Dawn of DC


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The Toy Box

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Knight Terrors

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The Gotham War

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Dark Prisons

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  • Glider Cape (Formerly): Tim used Glider-Wings as part of his Red Robin outfit to differentiate himself from the Robin identity.[5] He incorporated a piezoelectric fabric substrates that, upon activation, would turn the "wings" into blades capable of combat usage.[25]
  • Motorcycle[124]


  • As of Batman & Robin Eternal #1, Tim is 16 years old.
  • Tim previously dated Spoiler (Stephanie Brown),[109] and is currently dating Bernard Dowd, an old friend from high school.[114]
    • Tim expressed that he had "always kind of known" about his interest in boys, but didn't fully realize or process it due to being preoccupied with his vigilante duties.[114]
    • Writer Meghan Fitzmartin explained that Tim is still on the journey of discovering his sexuality; he "[doesn't have] the language for it all... yet."[125]
      • Tim has been officially identified as bisexual by DC Comics.[126]
  • Tim considers Conner Kent to be his best friend.[95]
  • Tim's father was killed on March 30.[127]
  • It appears to be public knowledge that Drake, Red Robin and the third Robin are all one individual. Cluemaster and his gang recognized that Drake was the former Robin,[124] while Harley Quinn realized that Red Robin was once Drake.[108]
  • Tim has received the "Ivy University Genius Grant", being the 16th person to do so in its history.[128] However, he quit Ivy U after a short while.[109]



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