Quote1.png Does it take more than just the desire to be a hero--Do you have to have the trauma and tragedy to go with it? Quote2.png
Tim Drake src

In an alternate timeline, Batman was never affiliated with Jason Todd.[1] Since Batman never had his mental breakdown, Tim Drake never had to reveal to his neighbor that he knew of his dual identity.

One day, Tim was approached by the superhero Impulse. Impulse, who had regained his memories of the last timeline, was looking for advice on how to stop the super villain Bedlam. Drake convinced Allen to reabsorb his scouts, who had created the new timeline, while he confronted Bedlam.[2]

Impulse gathered Tim, Conal, and Young Justice to storm Bedlam's castle. There, they were ambushed by Bedlam, Doomsboy, and Secret. Wonder Girl figured out that Impulse could send a scout to prevent Bedlam from gaining his superpowers, and the scout accomplishing this feat reset the timeline.[3]




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