Timothy "Jace" Fox is the previously estranged son of Lucius Fox.

Early Life

Timothy Fox was born to prominent businessman Lucius Fox and his wife Tanya. Lucius' position as the C.O.O. of Wayne Enterprises resulted in his lack of presence at home, though Tim didn't mind, as Lucius provided for him. As the oldest child, while Luke focused on his studies and Tiffany was a small kid, Tim's best friend was his younger sister Tamara. Tim developed into a life of partying, worrying about nothing more than the next party and affair.

On the night before his seventeenth birthday party, Tanya scolded Tim as he returned home late in the evening. The next night, after confiding in Tam about the conversation, who disagreed with him, Tim resolved to enjoy his birthday despite his mother's words. After a failed attempt to flirt with a girl, an angry Tim stormed out of the party, instead driving to meet a girl he'd previously hooked up with. While on the phone, Tim didn't notice a man crossing the street, ramming into him with his car. Tim got out of his vehicle to check on the man, who was heavily injured, though despite his pleas he ran away, instead turning to his father Lucius for assistance.[2]

Joker War

After the Fox family acquired the Wayne Family fortune, Tanya urged Lucius to call Timothy home.[3]

Second Son

With the assistance of Vol, Tim Fox attempted a mission in Vietnam to take down billionaire Tyler Arkadine. After the mission went awry, Tim returned home only to find Grifter, there to return Tim to Gotham on Lucius Fox's behalf.[4]

Tim returned to Gotham, now going by Jace, and met his mother and sisters at the airport. After being brought to the Fox family's new house, Jace attempted to greet his brother Luke, only to be ignored. He headed outside to be with his sister Tamara, confiding in her. He confessed to Tam that he felt his brother hated him, his mother was disappointed in him, and his father had not forgiven him, leading him to question if he should have returned to Gotham City at all, as there was nothing there for him. Offended, Tam headed back inside the house, leaving Jace alone.[5]

Jace met with his father away from home, as Lucius desired, to discuss his deposition. Declining to meet with any lawyers, Jace declared he intended to tell the truth, heading back home. Once at the house, Tiffany brought Luke outside of his room to meet with Jace, though Luke quickly turned the meeting into an argument. While the two brothers quarreled, their sister Tamara collapsed, propelling the entire family into attempting to help her, though Luke pushed Jace to the side, where he watched in shock.[6]

The Fox family was able to safely transport Tamara to the hospital. A doctor informed them that she had returned to a persistent vegetative state as a result of toxic poisoning. Lucius told the doctor that Tamara had previously recovered, leading her to suggest that environmental causes also could have contributed. Luke speculated that the cause was Jace, though Tanya believed that it was the fault of the "masks". The potential cure for Tamara could only be made with the exact toxin used to poison her. Later, Vol informed Jace that Arkadine's personal courier was flying into Gotham. Jace went to spy on the courier, though he had considerable protection, including a female bodyguard that was able to notice Jace from afar. Vol advised Jace that he would be unable to find intel without access to better technology, leading Jace to begin working for his father Lucius at FoxTech.[7]

Jace was at FoxTech with Tiffany when she noticed that a social media influencer named Ubetz had uploaded a picture of Tamara in the hospital. When Tiffany expressed her anger about the situation, Jace told her that the universe would give Ubetz his fair share of karma. After his sister headed home, Jace requested Vol's help in tracking down Ubetz, finding him at an alley behind a club while he was being pushed out by a pair of bouncers. Jace took down the bouncers, saving Ubetz, but then injured his hand and threatened him to stay off of social media.[8]

At the hospital visiting Tamara, Jace and his mother discussed his upcoming deposition while Tiffany stayed at their sister's bedside. When Luke arrived and informed Tiffany that he'd been unable to secure a cure from Ratcatcher, she was distraught, running to Jace and embracing him.[9]

In an attempt to gain intel on Eabha O'Roark, Jace hired a group of men to assault her, whom she quickly dispatched. Consulting Vol on the matter of getting Arkadine's courier, Jace was informed that Hadiyah had said "hey", to which he declined to respond to, driving his motorcycle out of the area. Later, Jace was briefed by his mother on the deposition, being called in shortly after, and began to make his statement.[10]



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