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Tim Zanetti was the superhero Breach, a transdimensionally powered superhero.

Major Timothy Zanetti was working for "Project Otherside," a secret sub-Arctic nuclear reactor where scientists are probing other dimensions. In an accident at the facility, Zanetti was caught in a dimensional rift and was found afterwards in a coma with his body forever changed. His body was placed in an isolation chamber for the next twenty years, at which point he awoke. His body had become a conductor for a mysterious and deadly energy, able to "melt" biological substances with only a touch, and so he has to be dampened with a special containment suit. Left behind while Zanetti was comatose and presumed dead, are his wife Helen and son Tate.

Like Captain Atom before him, Zanetti woke years after the experiment which transformed him. He discovers that his former colleague, Major Mac McClellan, has taken his place in his former family, marrying Helen, and has risen in the military to the rank of General. For some still unknown reasons he decides to tell Zanetti that his family had died the very moment he came to contact with the rift. MacClellan plans to use Zanetti, now dubbed "Breach" as a tool against an invasion by a race of trans-dimensional creatures called the Rifters.

The Rifters are creatures from the far side of the dimensional rift that created Breach. They need to inhabit and take over human bodies in order to take a physical form. Once in human form, they also possess the same deadly attributes of Breach himself, but are totally enslaved by their natural instincts. The declared goal of the Rifters is the global destruction of what they refer to as "the weak ones," the humans, and a particular Rifter agent, Jakob Kekana.

Kekana was a young herdsman in Africa when he was possessed and deformed by a Rifter. Now known simply as The Herdsman, he has been sent to track down Zanetti and probe him to discover why he is not bound to the parasitic Rifter mind. He has acquired an unsurpassed power, strong enough to take down even Superman. For still mysterious reasons, Talia al Ghul is helping the Herdsman, who far from considers her a "weak one".

Breach distances itself from the standard superhero formula by focusing on the tragedy, rather than the triumph, of its title character. Constantly driven to the verge of madness by the Rifter infection in his body and mind, Breach holds onto the memories of his family to keep him sane. This binds him to a strict moral code that, for example, has stopped him from killing two Rifters that possessed innocent children.

Breach has tangled with the Kobra organization and has met up with members of the JLA, including fights with Superman on more than one occasion.

During the events of Infinite Crisis Breach escaped from imprisonment by Alexander Luthor. Breach later joined a makeshift army of heroes defending Metropolis from the dozens of members of the Secret Society of Supervillains. Breach was seen battling the evil construct Amazo. Soon later, Superboy-Prime ruptures Zanetti's containment suit and apparently kills him. The resulting explosion appears to kill the super-heroine Looker and the superhero Technocrat as well, but Looker was later revealed to have survived thanks to her telekinesis. Upon Breach's detonation, Captain Atom materializes in the position where Breach had been.

However, Breach was discovered by Monarch (Captain Atom) to be alive but brain-dead floating in the Quantum Dimension from which Captain Atom's powers derive after the events of Infinite Crisis. Monarch rescued and brainwashed Breach into serving him by placing as a unwitting mole among the alternate heroes and villains that Monarch captured for his Arena tournament. As part of Monarch's machination, Breach was then tasked in luring all the alternate Captain Atoms of every realities in order for Monarch to kill and absorb their powers. During and after Monarch has the upper-hand in his fight against his counterparts, Breach managed to break free of Monarch's control and helped Superman-31 to escape. Breach was then killed and absorbed by Monarch (for committing "treason").[1]



  • Breach (Volume 1) was originally envisioned as a retcon of Captain Atom, but was stopped by an executive decision. The comic was repurposed for a new hero, with most of the story intact: Breach. Few references were overlooked, as he is called "Major Adams" twice when he first arrives at Project Otherside. During Infinite Crisis, Breach was declared the Captain Atom of the would-be Earth-Eight.



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