In his violent world of Earth-8, Tin Man entered into American politics and won in a landslide victory nomination for Presidency with Americommando as his Vice President, based on his promises of ending metahuman violence by passing a registration act. This act was passed by the American Government and became known as the Metahuman Act, which required all metahumans to submit to official control and join the Meta Militia or face legal and brutal penalties at concentration camps, a fact President Tin Man accepts to end crimes and superhuman violence. Tin Man was later killed by Lord Havok of the Extremists during a live television presidential address regarding the Extremists.

Tin Man was succeeded by Americommando who continue to support his predecessor's draconian doctrine until being defeated by the Extremists and arrested by Blue Jay, thus apparently ending Tin Man's Metahuman Act.

  • Tin Man is based on Marvel Comic's Iron Man, and his role is parallel to Tony Stark's role in Marvel's Civil War.



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