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Tina Greer was a metahuman shapeshifter, who was obsessed with Lana Lang.

Early Life

Tina Greer was born with a soft bone disease. Doctors had her on experimental medications, but it appeared that Tina was not going to live for very long. However, her condition was cured by Green Kryptonite, which also resulted in the young Tina developing metahuman abilities. Her mother heavily disliked Tina having those abilities. By all account, Tina had an unhappy childhood. She struggled with her sexuality and wished that she was someone else.[1][2]

Season One

In 2001, Tina used her abilities to morph into Lex Luthor and robbed the local bank, believing the money would get her the perfect life. But her mother found out what she had done, and they had an argument. During the argument, her mother fell down the stairs and died.[2]

With her mother dead, Tina continued trying to acquire the perfect life, which she believed Lana Lang had. So, Tina attempted to replace Lana, having been rejected by her,[1] but was stopped by Clark Kent.[2] Tina was declared insane and taken to a mental hospital.[1]

Season Two

In early 2003, Tina seemingly killed herself at the hospital. According to Chloe Sullivan, she went into the art therapy room and set herself on fire. However, a week later, Tina showed up alive in Smallville.[1]

She took the form of Whitney Fordman, who had joined the Marines and recently been reported missing in action, pretending to be the returning Whitney. However, the charade soon began to collapse. A Marine named Ray McNulty arrived at the Fordman house, to inform Betty Fordman about the death of the real Whitney. Tina snapped and beat McNutly to death.[1]

Clark had begun suspecting that Whitney was Tina. Because of this, and believing that Clark was the one, whom Lana wanted to be with, Tina attempted to get rid of Clark. She failed and Clark confronted her. The two briefly fought, during which Tina charged at Clark, who got out of the way. Because of this, Tina ran into and was impaled by a piece of wood. She seemingly died, after asking Clark to take care of Lana.[1]


Other Characteristics

  • In season eight, there was another shapeshifter named Eva Greer. However, according to a computer file, Eva Greer had no known relatives.[3]
  • Smallville #8 shows Tina's body having been acquired by Donovan Jamison for experiments.[4] However, the comic might not be canon, as Donovan died in it, but was shown alive in season 6.[5] Some tie-in material was not canon to the main show.[6][7]
  • The details surrounding Tina's supposed suicide attempt are unknown. Clark asks if the hospital checked dental records, but it is never confirmed whether the hospital did.[1] This leaves it unclear if she killed another person or if she set herself on fire and somehow healed. The latter would make it possible that she did not die in "Visage".
    • In the episode "Fade", Tina's name appears on the digital Wall of Weird. With the exception of Sean Kelvin (whose fate is unclear), all the others listed were last seen alive.[8]
    • The same occurs with a different version of the digital Wall of Weird (a printed copy by Van McNulty) in "Extinction". Out of the people listed, only two (Jake Pollen and Leonard Wallace) were dead and been alive, when the printed copy had been made (having both been killed for being on the database).[9]
    • In "Homecoming", a file on Tina is among the meteor infected students, with criminal records, that the Smallville High guidance counselor have had to deal with.[10]



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