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The Tiny Titans are the feature characters of their own self-titled comic book series published under DC's Johnny DC imprint and is marketed towards younger readers.


The team consists of younger versions of known members of the mainstream Teen Titans that have appeared throughout the years. The series avoids including certain characters who have been killed off in their parent titles such as Superboy and Impulse, though the late Titan, Terra, did make an appearance in issue #8. One member of the Tiny Titans that did not have a prior association with the New Earth Titans is Barbara Gordon, aka, Batgirl.

Many of the Titans' most notorious adversaries appear throughout the title, including Deathstroke, Trigon and the Brotherhood of Evil. These characters, though antagonistic, are not nearly as villainous as the original characters they are patterned after.

In 2012 and 2019, two spin-offs, Superman Family Adventures and Superman of Smallville, were released.




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