Tinya Wazzo is the only Bgtzlian who could interact with the main universe. When she phased, she was visible in both universes, which could cause confusion. She's a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes as Phantom Girl. Of all of the Legionnaires, she digs the 21st century history the most and is considered the go-to expert on matters of legend.

Tinya is one of the few who know the truth behind Cosmic Boy's Dominator genocide plan, that they weren't exactly killed, as the public believe, but rather put in the Phantom Zone.


  • Phasing: Tinya Wazzo possesses the ability to shift to another dimension, allowing her to phase through solid matter. As a veritable phantom, she cannot be harmed by conventional means of attack. This is a power common to all natives of Bgtzl. It also enables her to access the Phantom Zone.





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