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Phantom Girl was the fifth member to join the Legion. Her home planet Bgztl exists in the 4th Dimension. A member of the Legion's Espionage Squad, she was involved romantically with fellow Legionnaire Ultra Boy for many years.

In the slightly altered post-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity caused by the removal of Superboy by Superman's post crisis revamp, she was thought to have been killed in a shuttle accident, in reality, she was sent back to the 20th century where, stripped of her memory of her true identity and place and time, she had become Phase of L.E.G.I.O.N. Just before Zero Hour in yet another continuity shift Phase was revealed to actually be Enya Wazzo, Tinya's never before mentioned cousin. The Time Trapper returned Tinya to be reunited with Jo Nah (Ultra Boy) just before Zero Hour ended the first Legion continuity.


  • Bgztlian Physiology
    • Phasing: Tinya Wazzo possesses the ability to shift to another dimension, allowing her to phase through solid matter. As a veritable phantom, she cannot be harmed by conventional means of attack. This is a power common to all natives of Bgtzl. It also enables her to access the Phantom Zone.[1]



  • This version of Tinya Wazzo (Pre-Zero Hour) is no longer considered part of canon continuity. All history and corresponding appearances of Tinya Wazzo (Pre-Zero Hour) were erased from continuity following the events of the limited series Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994). They were brought back into the main continuity in The Lightning Saga (2007), up until DC Rebirth (2016). Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • Phantom Girl has maintained a long-standing romantic relationship with fellow Legionnaire Ultra Boy.[4]
  • Tinya Wazzo is also known as P.G.
  • Tinya's dimension may have been colonized by a phantom named Bgztl and his friends from L.E.G.I.O.N. #60. The group had previously been enslaved by a demon named Bhargast before being freed by the Bgztlian known as Phase.



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