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Tisha Campbell-Martin (b. October 13, 1968) is an American actress who played various roles in Harley Quinn.

Work History

Acting Credits

Harley Quinn 2019- Tawny Young
     "So You Need a Crew?" December 13, 2019 Tawny Young
     "Finding Mr. Right" December 20, 2019 Tawny Young
     "The Line" January 10, 2020 Tawny Young
     "A Seat at the Table" January 24, 2020 Tawny Young
     "Batman's Back Man" May 1, 2020 Tawny Young
     Harley Quinn (TV Series) Episode: The Runaway Bridesmaid   Tawny Young
     "Harlivy" July 28, 2022 Tawny Young
Amanda Waller
     "The 83rd Annual Villy Awards" July 28, 2022 Tawny Young
     "Joker: The Killing Vote" August 18, 2022 Janice
     "B.I.T.C.H." July 27, 2023 Tawny Young
     "Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up" August 10, 2023 Tawny Young
     "II Buffone" August 31, 2023 Tawny Young
     "Potato Based Cloning Incident" September 7, 2023 Tawny Young
Sassy Nun

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