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The being known only as "Titan", was an alien warrior, who had been enhanced for combat.

Titan was eventually imprisoned in the Phantom Zone. However, he was accidently released in 2006 and landed on Earth. Because of his enhanced nature, he began looking for people to fight. He found fighters and killed them.

Within a few months, Titan encountered Richtor Maddox, who recruited him to an underground fight club, which broadcast online to an exclusive audience, who could afford the price for the link. Maddox supplied him with opponents, all meteor infected from Belle Reve, but Titan defeated and killed them all. However, one night Titan noticed a Kryptonian, named Clark Kent, present at the fight club. Titan broke out, killed Maddox for getting in his way, and began to fight Clark. Titan almost killed him, but Clark managed to fight back and accidentally got Titan impaled by his own bone spike. Despite dying, Titan was pleased at finally having had a "good fight".


  • Titan was portrayed by Kane.



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