The Titan Seeds were the name of a group of twelve nearly-dead children collected by the Titaness, Rhea, to be trained on New Cronus as future godly successors to the Titans of Myth.


Rhea had sacrificed herself to atone for her misdeeds which led to a planetary war by sending her own energy out in to the universe to collect children who were near death as suitable successors to the Titans. The Titans bequeathed the seeds most of their powers and taught them how to master their new abilities in a responsible manner. When they reached adolescence, the Seeds were stripped of their memories and sent back to their home planets to develop in their respective environment, but they would be eventually summoned back to New Cronus in the future to claim their heritage and restore the legacy of the Titans. All but three were killed when Sparta went insane and instigated a war against the rest of the Seeds.



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