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"Meltdown!": This story is reprinted from Teen Titans Giant #5 and Teen Titans Giant #6.

Titans: Burning Rage #3 is an issue of the series Titans: Burning Rage (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 16, 2019.

Synopsis for "Meltdown!"

This story is reprinted from Teen Titans Giant #5 and Teen Titans Giant #6.

Beast Boy after recovering from Mammoth's attack notices both Starfire and Robin are struggling to defeat the Fearsome Five and only Raven is able to overpower them. He rushes in and stops her from killing Disruptor, stating he doesn't deserve to die and she doesn't want to kill him, but the darkness overpowers her at times. Raven angrily attacks Beast Boy in response but gets calmed down after he reminds that they're teammates. He then tells her to focus on fighting the Fearsome Five instead of him.

Beast Boy collects all the devices containing the toxins by turning into a giant octopus, telling Starfire to take him as far away as she can towards the sea so he can dispose them deep underwater. Finding an underwater cave, Garfield decides to hide the devices and escapes before they explode, though Starfire assumes he was killed in the blast. She returns to fight the Fearsome Five and Disruptor tells the H.I.V.E. that they transported the devices miles away from the city and is told to get ready to be teleported to their base.

After the Teen Titans subdue the villains, Starfire tells Robin and Raven that Beast Boy was killed. However he soon arrives on the scene and reveals himself to be alive, having burrowed into the seabed to escape the blast. Disruptor however reveals that they and the Fearsome Five were being fooled while H.I.V.E. conquered Ciratti, where they will ride out the collapse of the civilization and they're going to quicken humanity's progress towards its doom. As the Titans try to attack him, he is teleported before they can land a hit. Robin states he went to Ciratti and the Titans determine to liberate it.

As the Teen Titans near Ciratti in the T-Jet, Starfire wonders why H.I.V.E, is worried about a global conflict when much of the world isn't engaged in war. Robin thinks that maybe trying to start such a war themselves while their fight with the Fearsome Five was orchestrated to give them further time to prepare. Robin however has devised a plan to take them down. Meanwhile at Ciratti, the director of H.I.V.E. tells Disruptor to transport all the inhabitants off the island and kill them if they resist. As the sensors spot the T-Jet, he orders for it to be shot down while telling Disruptor to not prematurely celebrate.

After sending his soldiers to check if the Titans are indeed dead, the director starts the launch sequence of a missile to release the toxins in the upper atmosphere. He and Disruptor soon get attacked by Teen Titans, though H.I.V.E easily surrounds and subdues them. Robin then calls the Fearsome Five for backup who start attacking the H.I.V.E. Gizmo takes Beast Boy to the disable the missile while Robin and Psimon chase after the director. The Titans the Fearsome Five soon defeat the H.I.V.E. soldiers while Raven and Shimmer snatch the amplifier out of Disruptor's hands before turning into jelly.

Meanwhile, Gizmo hands Beast Boy a chip to plant near the missile's fuel tank as Psimon makes the director call off his attack fleet before he is knocked out by Robin. Beast Boy plants the chip in time which disables the missile and Beast Boy stings him in his bee form as he starts stating that the whole world should be thankful to him. The United Nations' forces later arrive to restrain the H.I.V.E. soldiers and the Fearsome Five agree to fight against the Titans on another day. While they leave however, Robin and Beast reveal to Starfire and Raven that they planted a tracker inside Gizmo when Beast Boy stung him.

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