"Father Knows Worst!": This story is reprinted from Titans Giant #4 and Titans Giant #5.

Titans: Burning Rage #6 is an issue of the series Titans: Burning Rage (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2020. It was published on January 29, 2020.

Synopsis for "Father Knows Worst!"

This story is reprinted from Titans Giant #4 and Titans Giant #5.

As Steve Dayton tells the Teen Titans to leave his property, they tell him they know he's Mento, though he rubbishes the claim stating he hasn't worn the Mento Helmet for years. Dove then hears a stomping sound and believes something big is coming their way, which turns out to be Beast Boy in the form of a T-Rex. He thinks the Titans are Madmen and killed his teammates by drowning them. Hawk starts attacking him and tries to tell him that he's been tricked by Mento into thinking the Titans are deadd, but Garfield responds that he's lying.

After knocking over Hawk, Beast Boy chases after Steve Dayton, thinking he's the Mento who killed his teammates. Starfire rescues him and attacks Garfield, but gets whapped by his tail. Hawk states the Titans are holding back so they don't hurt Beast Boy, but this is letting the situation go out of hand. Robin hands Raven a canister with knockout gas to use on Beast Boy while he distracts him. As he mocks Beast Boy, the latter gets angry and states he will kill him. Tim repeatedly calls out to Raven, who finally appears and uses the canister, stating it was his idea to wait until the correct time.

As Beast Boy falls unconscious, Steve blames the Titans for damaging his property but gets grabbed by Hawk who accuses him of being behind it. Hawk however states they have been fooled and doesn't think Steve is Mento. Beast Boy after waking up explains he saw Steve's assistant Breur slumped on the floor after entering the mansion, before seeing the bodies of the Titans drowned in a pool outside. As they wonder who the real Mento could be, Breur reveals that he is. Stating he did it because Steve treated him like trash, he also informs him that the Madmen with him are his household staff who agreed to join him in taking revenge.

Breuer tells Steve to open his coat. As he states he won't, Breur reveals that he wiped out the memory of what he and the Madmen did to him. Robin, sensing trouble, rips the coat himself to find that Steve's wearing a bomb vest. He's left in disbelief, but gets told how he hated him for the way he treated him and wanted to kill him for a long time. Breuer states that he can use the Mento Helmet to trigger the bomb which will kill the Teen Titans as well as Hawk and Dove too. Hawk ignores Dove's and Steve's advice to not attack Breuer, but disregards it. Robin however stops him in time and Breuer states as a reward for stopping Hawk, he won't trigger the bomb for now.

Breuer scoffs at Steve's statement of them being friends, stating he treated him like dirt and states he made a mistake in entrusting him with the safeguarding of the Mento Helmet. Breuer reminds Steve how he always ordered him around and treated him like worthless trash, telling him that the rich will suffer for ill-treatment of those beneath them and he will be the first of them. Beast Boy demands to know why he wants to kill the Teen Titans and gets told that he silently stood by as treated him badly.

Dove realizes that Mento is serious about triggering the bomb and Raven teleports away from the location, fooling people into thinking she's fleeing. Beast Boy meanwhile transform into a bear and wraps himself around Steve to shield others from the blast as much as he can, but is told by Breuer that it will be useless due to the strength of the explosion.

Raven suddenly teleports behind Breuer and takes away the Mento Helmet, allowing the others to freely attack him. As Beast Boy charges into the Madmen in his mammoth form, Dove tells him to not injure them as as they're Steve's household staff incensed at years of mistreatment. The Titans agree however Hawk starts beating up on Breuer for his mind control, but is calmed down by Dove.

Breuer blames his bad life on Steve who accuses him of being ungrateful. He states that he was only paid as long as he did what Steve wanted and tells Garfield he only feels betrayed because Steve never cared much about him. In anger, Steve puts on the Mento Helmet and traps him in a dream like state where Breuer is a billionaire businessman and Steve his mistreated servant, saying he got what he wanted.

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