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The Titans was a team of young heroes before the advent of Superman's Regime.


When Metropolis was destroyed by The Joker, Kid Flash and Beast Boy died. Superboy, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Red Robin were trapped in the Phantom Zone by Superman because they were the first to oppose his new Regime. All that were left were Cyborg and Raven, who joined the Regime to bring an end to villains. To Starfire's knowledge, Garfield was lost as she did not know he was dead.

After Superman's Regime was defeated, the Justice League Task Force managed to rescue Starfire, Wonder Girl and Red Robin from the Phantom Zone, while Superboy decided to remain in that dimension. Apparently, General Zod trailed the Titans to escape from the Phantom Zone and shot Red Robin in the chest from behind with his heat vision.

Possible Post-Brainiac Epilogue

If Cyborg were to defeat Brainiac, he would steal Brainiac's abilities and gain the power to revive his fallen teammates, finally reuniting the Titans. [1]

If Starfire were to defeat Brainiac, she would create a new iteration of the Titans, recruiting Blue Beetle, Firestorm, and Supergirl. [2]


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