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The Titans is a group consisting of the former Teen Titans as adults in a possible version of the future.


When teenage Starfire was accidentally transported to the future while fighting the time-travelling thief Warp, she met the future-counterparts of all her teammates, who had gone through life believing that Starfire had permanently disappeared during that battle with Warp.

Though the team had fractured over time and gone their separate ways, Starfire reunited them all in a rematch against Warp. In the battle, Warp's technology backfired on him, and the the man was turned back into a baby. Starfire then manipulated the technology to allow herself to return to her present time. The mission was a success, but the future without Starfire continued to exist anyway. [2]

The Titans raised baby Warp together as the new fifth member of their team. They sought to rid Warp of his former criminal tendencies but, by the time he reached adolescence, the Titans were unable to prevent him from sinking back into time-travelling villainy.

Warp went back in time to the day the Flying Graysons were killed and, instead of allowing Bruce Wayne to adopt the young orphan Dick Grayson and teach him to be a superhero, Warp adopted Grayson himself. In order to keep aspects of the timeline the same, Warp made it so that Dick still became Robin and a member of the Teen Titans, but his morals were shifted and he was more impressionable to Warp's suggestion.

Nightwing, having been unaffected by the timeline changes by following Warp into the past, arrived in the Teen Titans' present day to catch Warp as he hopped around time. With Warp captured, the Teen Titans fixed the timeline, and Nightwing returned to the future. [3]

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