When the original Teen Titans established Titans Lair inside of an old WayneCo records storage warehouse, they acquired the use of one of Wayne's helicopters.[citation needed] The helicopter was secured at a private heli-pad inside the base of Titans Lair, and could exit the base by way of a hidden channel obscured by a Wayne Enterprises billboard. The Titans used the helicopter during their earliest adventures, but eventually replaced it with the T-Jet.

The Helicopter was used for its final mission during an incident at the Cardy Boarding School in Maine. The Teen Titans responded to a call concerning missing students and eventually crossed paths with the super-powered Jarrod Jupiter, son of Titans benefactor, Loren Jupiter. Following the mission, the helicopter was abandoned and left on the grounds of the campus.

The Titans returned to the Cardy Boarding School many years later and discovered the remains of the helicopter. Jarrod had returned and had kidnapped his father as well as Neil Richards, the criminal formerly known as the Mad Mod. The Titans found Richards bound and gagged inside the helicopter.

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