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Titans Tower is a ten-story glass and steel structure that served as the headquarters for the second incarnation of the Teen Titans, commonly referred to as the New Teen Titans. The original tower was designed and constructed by Silas Stone as a gift for his son, [[Vi

Quote1 This place isn't around anymore. It got wiped out on account of being... uh... a t-shaped target with a lot of enemies. Quote2

Titans Tower is the usual base of operations of the Teen Titans. It is a T-shaped building located on a small island. The first and second towers were in the East River in New York City. The third tower was in San Francisco.


First Tower

Titans Tower is a ten-story glass and steel structure that served as the headquarters for the second incarnation of the Teen Titans, commonly referred to as the New Teen Titans. The original tower was designed and constructed by Silas Stone as a gift for his son, Victor. Silas harbored great guilt and personal responsibility over the fact that he had turned his son into a Cyborg. Recognizing the great depression that Victor had succumbed to, Silas built the tower as a leverage tool in the hopes that Cyborg would become a super-hero and join the New Teen Titans.

The Tower was located on a small island off the East River in Manhattan, New York. Access to the tower required a special identi-card possessed by all members of the Teen Titans. Some former team members such as Aqualad, were also provided with an identi-card, even though the tower didn't exist during the time in which they served as a Titan. Access from the mainland was gained by way of a small raft that traveled back and forth between the island and the mainland daily.

During the second Battle of Trigon, Titans Island, the tower and a significant portion of Manhattan were transformed into a rock-hewn wasteland by the demonic Trigon. Trigon used the roof of the tower as his personal throne. Though the Titans proved victorious in this campaign, Titans Tower was all but destroyed and had to be completely redesigned from the ground up.[1]

Though often attacked by various villains such as the Fearsome Five and Deathstroke the Terminator, the tower remained intact for several years. When possessed Titans member Jericho betrayed the team and revealed himself as the leader of the Wildebeest Society, he led an attack against the Titans that completely destroyed the tower.[2]

This tower was later used to house Titans Academy. It was destroyed by Brick Pettirosso, rebuilt in time for the first and only graduation ceremony of the academy, and subsequently destroyed again in the Dark Crisis.[3][4][5]

Second Tower

The second headquarters to bear the name Titans Tower was anything but. This compound was actually an underground facility, built on top of the remains of the original Titans Tower. Above ground however, an elaborate 3-D hologram transmitted the image of the original Tower manipulating others into believing that the original tower still existed. This facility was used as the headquarters for the Titans.

Third Tower

The third tower was a T-Shaped steel and glass structure located just off San Francisco Bay in San Francisco, California. It is the headquarters of the third incarnation of the Teen Titans and is also the third structure to share the name Titans Tower. The Tower was designed and built by Victor Stone and patterned after the original Titans Tower which was designed by his father Silas Stone. Titans Tower has been the scene of several battles between the Titans and their foes. When Jason Todd returned from the dead and assumed the guise of the Red Hood, he broke into Titans Tower and engaged in a prolonged battle with his successor Robin - a battle which resulted in massive collateral damage.[6] Later, a group of villains calling themselves the Terror Titans raided the tower and ambushed the only Titan member present, Ravager. Ravager succeeded in saving the lives of two of the tower's guest, Wendy and Marvin, but the Terror Titans set off explosives that destroyed many of the tower's upper levels, including the guest quarters.[7] Former team member Cyborg was called back to San Francisco to facilitate repairs on the 15th floor.

This tower later housed Damian Wayne's Teen Titans team. It was abandoned when the team disbanded but was maintained as a safehouse that heroes could flee to in times of trouble as part of the Justice League's "Trapdoor" protocol.[8]

Titans Compound

When the Titans reformed shortly before the Final Crisis, they took up residence in a new structure called the Titans Compound. Though the building maintained its traditional "T" shape, it was not a tower like its predecessors, and served as more of a bunker. The compound was equipped with the same state of the art technology as its precursors, almost all of which were designed by Victor Stone.[9]

Manhattan Tower

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Following the Dark Crisis, the Justice League decided to disband and reevaluate how they could best serve the world.[10] They asked Nightwing, who had lead the superheroes during the Crisis in their absence, to take over responsibility for protecting the world. Nightwing had a new Titans Tower built in Bludhaven to house a Titans team which would take the League's place as the world's premier superhero team. The tower was built on the former site of Bludhaven Private Prison, a hellish for-profit prison which the city's corrupt police and politicians had used to profit off human misery.[11]


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