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"Who is Troia? (Part II) - Second Chances": Appearing before Donna Troy and he assailant, Dark Angel, are the "Kingdom" Titans of Earth 22. Nightstar frees Donna from Dark Angel's grasp as

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Titans #24 is an issue of the series Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2001.

Synopsis for "Who is Troia? (Part II) - Second Chances"

Appearing before Donna Troy and he assailant, Dark Angel, are the "Kingdom" Titans of Earth 22. Nightstar frees Donna from Dark Angel's grasp as Kid Flash creates a disorientating vortex around her, though Dark Angel makes her escape when the Titans go on the offensive. In the aftermath they explain that they knew about Dark Angel's plan to drive Donna insane by erasing all memories of her.

Inside the Titans Tower II Argent is on watch-duty when she spots the new collaboration and alerts the Titans who all rush to the console room - though Nightwing suggests Roy and Lian lie low.

The team rush out to meet Donna and the "Kingdom Titans", perceiving them as a threat. But they find themselves at an impasse and they agree for a truce to talk about the situation. In the conference room, the "Kingdom Titans" reminisce about Zeus' command to look after Donna and her memory for the safety of Hypertime. Meanwhile Donna briefs the Titans of her history as Dark Angel prepares to speak - and to elude the fact that Donna is his mother. He tells them that Dark Angel lives inside a Netherworld outside of time and that they need Tempest to get them there.

Throughout the base the members of the Titans are thinking about the job ahead; Garth is unsure about creating portals, Donna is unsettled and Roy argues with Nightwing about wanting to join them despite his broken leg - which is overheard by Nightstar and Red Hood - their alternate-universe fathers. Both Roy and Dick get curious about how similar they are to their New Earth counterparts.

Appearing in "Who is Troia? (Part II) - Second Chances"

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  • Cover combines with the covers to issues #23 and #25 to form one composite montage image.

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