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"Who is Troia? (Part III) - This is Your Life": In the JLA Watchtower, Green Lantern tells Flash about how he encountered a girl earlier, who claimed to be Donna Troy. Wally realizes t

Quote1.png We both can't exist any longer ... I'm going to remove you from this world and take your place in the cosmic balance. Quote2.png
Dark Angel

Titans #25 is an issue of the series Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2001.

Synopsis for "Who is Troia? (Part III) - This is Your Life"

In the JLA Watchtower, Green Lantern tells Flash about how he encountered a girl earlier, who claimed to be Donna Troy. Wally realizes that it actually was her and rushes to the Titans Tower II to find out why Kyle doesn't remember her.

Inside the tower, Roy Harper and his daughter, Lian, are playing when Wally arrives and he discovers that they, too, do not remember Donna. Although Roy informs him about the "Kingdom" Titans and how the combined forces have teleported to Dark Angel's Netherworld base.

Inside Dark Angel's base, the coalition of Titans attack Dark Angel and her summoned golems. Kid Flash spots Jesse Quick temporarily sport the costume of Liberty Belle as a repercussion of the Netherealm leading to an imbalance. Nightstar then comes up with the idea of using her "tree-house" — a trans-warp singularity in which they could trap Dark Angel and then destroy the only exit.

Dark Angel also is harnessing the other-worldliness of the Netherealm and a weakened Hypertime to summon alternate versions of herself to kill Donna and the Titans. Dark Angel then reminisces of how she and Donna were acquainted. Hippolyta created Diana and Magala created Donna, then Dark Angel captured Donna accidentally and subjected her to a thousand lives, in one of which she was transported to New Cronus by Rhea. Donna was trained to be a warrior and returned to Earth with her memories of New Cronus removed. But now Dark Angel swears that it would never happen again.

Dark Angel and her doppelgängers create time portals to attack Donna at different points in her history. The Titans split up and follow the Dark Angels through all the portals and subsequently defeat the villain in each time period, sometimes with the aid of the heroes of the past. The current Donna takes a portal with Darkstar, and they end up at the funeral of her son, Bobby. Darkstar and Troia are able to defeat Dark Angel, but the time portal closes before Troia can return to the present. Luckily, the Flash used his own time travel powers to rescue Troia.

With all the time travel and colliding realities, many people begin running into their doppelgängers or long-dead relatives, including Roy Harper, who meets several different versions of his daughter. With all the heroes and all the Dark Angels back in the Netherealm, the villain combines with her doppelgängers to become more powerful. But Troia is able to call on the power from all her past forms and she takes Dark Angel out, knocking her into Nightstar's "tree-house."

The "Kingdom" Titans then return to their dimension, subtly mentioning that they are the Titans' children.

In the Titans Tower a few days later, Donna walks in on a surprise birthday party hosted by all the members of the Titans, past, present and future. And even though they break up, both Donna and Roy remain on good terms.

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