"Need for Speed Part One: Runner's High": Cyborg, Starfire and Tempest call Nightwing to tell him about the disappearance of Arsenal's daughter Lian and her ba

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Titans #7 is an issue of the series Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1999.

Synopsis for "Need for Speed Part One: Runner's High"

Cyborg, Starfire and Tempest call Nightwing to tell him about the disappearance of Arsenal's daughter Lian and her babysitter Chanda Madan. Dick is busy in Gotham right now, so he wants as many Titans as possible to find Lian.

Damage accompanies Argent to her parent's house to pick up some clothes. Her dad Anthony Monetti wants her to stay, so Damage interferes and unintentionally explodes. Only Argent's force field saves her parents from the impact.

Jesse Quick is just leaving her office when a young speedster is passing by. After catching the young girl, Jesse immediately runs to Titans Island to tell her teammates that a "speed-inducing" drug called Velocity 9 might be out on the streets again. But Starfire and the others want to search for Lian first.

Jesse is sent out to check some places and she quickly finds Chanda and Lian in the babysitter's apartment. Chanda did not intend to kidnap Arsenal's daughter, and right now they have another problem because Chanda's roommate Brenna also used Velocity and is looking for her next fix. When Brenna collapses, Jesse brings her to S.T.A.R. Labs and the other Titans follow her there. It is an odd situation for Cyborg, because Sarah Charles, the woman he loved when he left Earth, is working at S.T.A.R. Labs and obviously is having a relationship with one of her colleagues. Sarah calls the speed drug Velocity 10 which has dangerous effects on a human's metabolism. Brenna says something about a cyclone, so the Titans leave to Coney Island to see if the drug is being sold there. But the Titans walk right into a trap as the dealers use super-speed themselves and inject the Titans with the drug as well.

Meanwhile, Anthony Monetti is visited by Lady Vic who is looking to become a part of Vandal Savage's new group called Tartarus. Lady Vic tells Monetti that it is time to give away the Velocity drug for free ...

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