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"The Lazarus Contract, Part 1": Years ago, in Hatton Corners, the original Teen Titans are being decimated by Grant Wilson a.k.a. Ravager. As Ravager prepares to kill Robin, he suddenly seizes up in pain. The Titans are confused, as no one hit him. Lilith's powers allow her to sense the truth: G

Quote1.png Wally West... help me bring my son back... and I'll stop being Deathstroke... forever. No more costume. No more contracts. No more killing. Save one life... save thousands. Quote2.png

Titans (Volume 3) #11 is an issue of the series Titans (Volume 3) with a cover date of July, 2017. It was published on May 10, 2017.

Synopsis for "The Lazarus Contract, Part 1"

Years ago, in Hatton Corners, the original Teen Titans are being decimated by Grant Wilson a.k.a. Ravager. As Ravager prepares to kill Robin, he suddenly seizes up in pain. The Titans are confused, as no one hit him. Lilith's powers allow her to sense the truth: Grant's heart is irreparably damaged. Kid Flash rushes to Grant and tries to perform CPR, but Lilith tells him that he can't be saved. Deathstroke then arrives, and sees them standing over a dying Grant and rushes to his son's side. As Grant dies, he sees his idol and asks if the Teen Titans are dead. Hoping to give his son peace, he tells him he succeeded. Slade then carries Grant's body away. Though Robin tries to explain, Slade holds the Titans accountable for the death of his son, and vows to make them pay.

Three days before current events, in Los Angeles, Slade wakes up in the hospital, having recovered from the beating his other son, Joseph gave him. He then sees Wintergreen at his side, who explains that he had been in surgery. Having been blinded recently, Dr. Villain, Slade's on-call doctor, flew in with a cornea from an unknown donor. Using that, he was able to repair Slade's eye. Unconcerned with his state, Slade order Billy to prep his jet for a trip to New York. Wintergreen tries to shift his focus by telling him about his childrens' respective conditions, and he mentions that Slade was talking about his dead son Grant and a new Flash. Still unconcerned, he reiterates his demand to ready his jet.

One hour before current events, the Titans are doing battle with a group of thugs they suspect to be H.I.V.E., hoping they can give them a lead on how to restore Karen's lost memories. However, Omen reds their minds and learns they are not H.I.V.E. affiliates, and the whole fight was a trick. Nightwing interrogates one of the thugs, and he reveals they were hired to convey a message to Nightwing: "the deal is off". Dick presses for a name, and gives it up. The one who hired them was named Lazarus. Nightwing is shocked to hear that word, and when Lilith asks about, he firmly denies knowing anything. Arsenal comments that whoever hired the thugs gave them very expensive gear, and wasted a lot of time and money for no reason. Donna considers the possibility that it was all a diversion, and Lilith points their attention to the fact that Wally is gone.

In the present, Wally wakes up and find himself bound to treadmill. When he gets his bearings, a hidden figure asks him his name. Surprising himself, he reveals his name, and he realizes that he was injected with a truth drug when he was captured. The hidden person then activates the treadmill Wally initially refuses to run, but his restraints administer a shock that forces him to comply. Wally demands to know how they managed to capture him in plain view of the other Titans. and in response, they increase the treadmill's speed. However, this time Wally recognizes his captor's voice. They then force him to talk about the Titans, but h manages to catch himself, and his captor raises the treadmill's speed again. He is then asked about his disappearance into the timestream, his return, and how history was altered. He is asked who altered history, but Wally doesn't know. Satisfied, his captor stops the treadmill, allowing Wally to see him: it is none other than Slade, who now wants to make him a deal. Slade then reminds of Wally of the day the Teen Titans killed his son. Wally corrects him, as he tried to save Grant, and apologizes for failing.

Back at Titan's tower, the Titans try and fail to locate Wally. Arsenal presume that whoever has him is blocking his locator signal. Garth theorizes that Wally simply ran off, or that he simply fell back into the timestream. Realizing that he struck a nerve, Garth heads off, but Lilith pulls Dick aside and asks him about the meaning behind Lazarus. Dick maintains that he knows nothing, but Lilith can sense that something is off, but thanks to his mental training, she can't get a clean read. Lilith presses again, and Dick leaves. Donna suggests calling the Justice League. Lilith then whispers to herself the one thing she could glean from Dick's mind: he was lying. Back at Slade's hideout, he has Wally restrained while he studies the readings he took from the treadmill. Slade then asks about the Flash family's abilities, and if they can be used for time travel. Wally confirms his theory, but he also pieces together Slade's plan: he wants to time travel to save Grant and change history. He tries to talk Slade out of it, but he wont be dissuaded. Wally tells Slade that he struggles with the urge to change history to the way he remembers, but he chooses not to because he knows that people need to keep moving forward.

Wally then vibrates himself free of his restraints and pins Slade down. He warns him that time-travel is too risky and to focus on changing his future rather than his past. Slade fights back and retorts that he is wasting his gift by not changing things. Wally gains the upper hand, and Slade offers him a contract that can save thousands of lives. He asks Wally to help him save Grant, and in exchange, he will quit being Deathstroke forever. Though Wally wants to help him, he refuses the deal. However, Slade anticipated Wally's refusal, and reveals that not only did Wally give him what he wanted already, but he had secured a contingency in case of such an outcome. Wally is shocked to see his backup plan: a captured Kid Flash, the second Wally West, who is also shocked to find a Flash with the exact same name as him.

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