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"Just Another Day on the Brink of Extinction": The Hall of Justice. 10 minutes before

Quote1.png Back in the day, the Titans would be the first ones in. No hesitation. Kids have no fear. We'd grown up in the shadows of the big guns. Batman, Sups, Diana. Tough acts to follow. Every day we had everything to prove. And with Nightwing leading us, we went all in. He was Robin back then. I was Wonder Girl. Garth was Aqualad. Different names. Different times. "Crazy" was our calling card. Where did that magic go? This feels like a way to get it back. It feels like... old times. This could work. We could turn the tide. Quote2.png
Donna Troy

Titans (Volume 3) #28 is an issue of the series Titans (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2018. It was published on October 24, 2018.

Synopsis for "Just Another Day on the Brink of Extinction"

The Hall of Justice. 10 minutes before

Garth comes into the Hall, where the Titans are gathered. He hears Donna is discussing the role of the team inside this new global crisis with Miss Martian, the Justice League's liaison with the Titans. M'gann tells Donna that Batman ordered the Titans to function as an evac team, but Garth is pretty tired of Batman moving the team around: they are not teens anymore. Garth thinks they should try to counterattack, and take the offense to one of the enemy ships, hoping to find information useful to organize a better resistance.

Donna, sensing Garth's clear tension and seeing he keeps asking of Nightwing, takes him away and talks to him privately, informing him that Dick Grayson was shot in the head in Gotham, and is in a coma. Garth is a little shocked about it, but soon after M'gann gets transported away against her will by Batman, and the Titans are now alone. They do like Garth's plan and decide to act upon it.

Inside one of the spaceships of the invaders

Thanks to Steel's Boom Room, the Titans are able to get into one of the ships of the enemy. The team fights bravely, and while they do this Donna and Garth talk about the future of the team without Nightwing, and also about what happened to Roy Harper, but restraining themselves on the matter due to the fact that the rest of the team did not know Arsenal died. As they find the engine of the ship, Steel tries to gather as much info as she can to give the League weapons for counter-attacking the fleet. In that moment, an alien sea god attacks them, and overwhelms them. The only power restraining him is Garth's magic, and thanks to it the Atlantean give them a chance to flee, falling out of the ship while doing it.

With Miss Martian returning and acknowledging the identity of their enemy, who calls himself Drogue, the Titans must flee and so the team steps into the Boom Room and gets away, transporting themselves in a random location.

Appearing in "Just Another Day on the Brink of Extinction"

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  • Tempest (Flashback and main story) (Apparent Death)


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  • Titans' Boom Room

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