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A being of immense power, Titus came to Earth in an attempt to challenge her Gods to combat, something he claims to have done on numerous worlds. Titus' one goal is to spread his own name in worship throughout the cosmos. Titus was able to go toe to toe with Earth's mightiest heroes; going punch for punch with Superman, knocking out the Martian Manhunter and catching the Flash with his bare hands.

First Encounter

Upon his arrival on Earth, Titus encountered a group of scientists studying the ruins of a temple to a member of the Greek Pantheon]on a tiny island in the Aegean Sea. Titus overheard the archaeologists debating who the temple may have been for, then proclaimed that the temples followers were "dupes" and that he was "the true almighty." Titus questioned the scientists to whom the temple was for and why it was allowed to fall into disarray. The scientists said that "no one worshipped the Gods of Olympus" any longer,to which Titus responded "whom do this world's mortals worship?" After learning of the many different religions of the world, Titus began overnight to destroy ancient temples and sacred shrines, hitting among other locations; Osaka, London, Hyderabad and Rangoon. The Justice League was still located in their underground sanctuary at the time and with extremist groups cautiously claiming culpability for the destroyed religious locations, they had yet to choose to follow up the "attacks." Aquaman, currently on a small island in the Falklands, summoned the JLA, having located what he first believed to be a large meteorite but upon inspection concluded it to be some kind of vessel. After returning the vessel to the Justice League Sanctuary for analysis, Batman contacted them to inform them that not only had he been keeping tabs on the desecrations of world religious locations but that he had found a pattern in unexplained electro-magnetic anomalies. Batman transmitted his findings to the Justice League who compared those to the ones they had of the vessel and noticed the similarities. Now having the information on the anomalies the Justice League was able to notice the build-up of one above Jerusalem. Superman, with his incredible hearing, was able to hear Titus attacking Jerusalem and decreeing himself to now be Earth's god and immediately responded.





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