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Titus Czonka was a jackhammer operator before he turned to crime. He grew sick of the average joe lifestyle, and wanted to be known and remembered as a super villain. However, Czonka was not very bright, was not even slightly "evil" at heart, and failed at most independent attempts to do... well, just about anything. Nevertheless, he began a life of villainy.

Czonka was naturally attracted to the more criminally-minded Cluemaster, who he attempted to escape from Blackgate with on multiple occasions. The two often teamed up, both as a duo and as part of a team of c-list villains like the Electrocutioner. In one such team-up, after Cluemaster had been cured of his compulsion to leave clues (similar to the style of the Riddler), Czonka took that as an opening to create an actual villain persona: The Baffler.

Though Cluemaster discouraged the idea, and forced onto him the Headbanger persona instead, Czonka began leaving behind cruddy pictures as clues to what they were planning, which in turn lead to their plan being thwarted by Robin and Spoiler. Czonk escaped police custody and went on a solo adventure, re-adopting the Baffler persona. He decided that he needed to take down a real hero to gain respect, and so he targeted Cluemaster's daughter Spoiler. He sent poorly written messages to Spoiler, who incidentally fell for his trap when she disregarded them as the work of a child. In a stroke of pure luck, Baffler also captured Robin, who was out looking for Spoiler.

As Baffler had both heroes tied up in an abandoned building, he went on a obligatory villainous monolog, during which he hit his head on several pipes and was rendered unconscious. As the building was scheduled for demolition, Robin ad Spoiler had to free themselves and rescue Baffler from the building as it fell around them. He briefly considered being a vigilante after that, but the notion didn't last.

Baffler escaped prison during the Gotham earthquake, but was taken down by Huntress and later incarcerated in Blackgate Penitentiary by Lock-Up, where he stayed until Nightwing broke in and rescued him and all the other prisoners inside.



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