Manning was an outlaw of the old west who stumbled upon David Clinton, a time traveler.

Capturing him and his belt, Tobias kept Clinton alive to learn how to use the belt and bring technological marvels of the future to his time. Among Manning's most commonly used weapons was a pistol that could extent six additional barrels out at his opponents. Using his weapon, Manning forced the sheriff, Ohiyesa, out of town. For six months the former sheriff fled, recruiting an assortment of heroes to help.

During this time, three members of the Justice League, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, had finally caught up do to a spatial distortion. Blending in, the trio opted to spring Bat Lash out of jail on Wonder Woman's insistence. In doing so, the three found Clinton and were met with Ohiyesa and his new allies: Jonah Hex and El Diablo.

The Western Justice League stormed Manning's hideout, where the heroes destroyed his gun. In the ensuing battle, Ohiyesa personally fought and defeated Tobias, taking back his town.




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